a voice from afar

when first I nervous heard
her voice from afar,
I felt the edges of time
drawing swiftly near

my veined hand trembled
as if my naked heart
had been exposed at once
to the light of the moon

and each wandering star
swaying above sang soulful
a chorus finely composing
the truest of harmonies

the walls encircling me
abandoned their pretense
and rising revealed a garden
of lush lilac and honeysuckle

from amidst the lisping leaves
I spied winged faeries flitting
from blossom to blossom
smiling the warmest welcome

and through the verdant trees
the pipes and the whistle
beckoned the eager fiddle
to join in the delightful dance

I remember calling her name
and reaching out my hand,
feeling her fingers thirstily
tickling my timid skin

and together we whirled
like fearless wisps wisely
sighing over notes plucked
by Cana Cludhmor herself

when first I heard her voice
whispering in the distance,
I knew my listing life at last
a path had truly discovered

and that nothing would
ever be the same again

Salt Lake City 11 July 2022

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