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16 April 2021

Very happy to share my most recent audiobooks now available on Audible, whether you’re interested in a dark ghostly tale of 1820s Edinburgh (Dark Capital), a collection of supernatural Scottish tales (More Strange Scotland), a medieval story of political intrigue set in Scotland (Crown of Dust), or a horror story about what happens when you deprive someone of sleep for too long (The Sleep Experiment, which is not set in Scotland, just to show that I do not only narrate in Scots). I do still have a few codes for anyone interested in a free audible download.

Dark Capital by Helen Susan Swift

Today I completed production on my audiobook for Dark Capital by Helen Susan Swift, and I have to say, this was a real pleasure to record. I feel I have been very fortunate in my audiobook productions, being hired to perform novels that I really love from Laya V Smith, Suzanne Rogerson, Zach Abrams, and Malcolm Archibald, among others. I first encountered Helen Susan Swift when I listened to the audiobook for her The Malvern Mystery, which was a lot of fun to listen to, so well narrated by Melanie Crawley. I had no idea at the time of listening to that fine mystery that I would get a chance to perform Swift’s Dark Capital, set in 1820s Edinburgh and inspired by the legends of the twisted warlock Thomas Weir. It was the perfect blend of mystery, supernatural, dramatic, and sinister. I loved it! I hope you’ll give it a listen when it comes available on Audible (probably in a month or so). In the meantime, here is a SAMPLE you can listen to to whet the appetite.

Leviathan: The Gloaming, Book 1

As audiobook narrator George Ellington, I am very happy to share my newest audiobook offering: Leviathan, a Scottish inspired fantasy of political and clan intrigue in a medieval setting. Available on Amazon/Audible at “From debut fantasy author D.G. MacRath, Leviathan is the first part of the Gloaming trilogy. Set in the Scotland-inspired Realm, MacRath begins his tale of broken heroes, rich mythology, and brutal civil war. A generation after a bloody civil war, Mata rules as Prince Regent. Shorn of the Crown’s authority, he wrestles to maintain an uneasy peace among his people. Will his choices maintain order or send the Realm spiraling toward yet more vicious bloodshed?” If anyone is interested in a free download code from Audible and would be willing to offer a review, please let me know.

The Silent Sea Chronicles by Suzanne Rogerson

22 Dec 2020

Working with Suzanne Rogerson, the talented author of the fantasy series, The Silent Sea Chronicles, and we have wrapped up our production of the audiobook for the second book in the series, The Sentinel’s Reign, which is now available on Amazon/Audible. In fact, I have some promo codes for anyone looking for a free download of the audiobooks in my collection. We are especially looking for listeners who would be willing to listen and write a review for Amazon/Audible. Do please let me know if you are interested in a free Audible download of The Lost Sentinel or The Sentinel’s Reign from Suzanne Rogerson. I am very happy with the work we did on these audiobooks and the grand range of voices I was allowed to produce. I hope you give them a listen. Samples are available by following the links embedded in the covers below. We are also working on Book 3 now, The Sentinel’s Alliance, hopefully to be available on Audible around February 2021.

Now available on Audible at for The Lost Sentinel and for The Sentinel’s Reign.

Reviews of Storm the Castle

8 March 2020

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Visit Audible to purchase the audiobook of Jolie Vines’ Storm the Castle now at , or visit Jo’s site for more info on all her lovely novels at

I have been so pleased to read reviews coming in for the audiobook of Jolie Vines’ Storm the Castle. I just had to share some snippets:

 One of my Favorites this year! 

I am loving listening to this! Not sure if it’s the narrator or just the words but DANG! I love Callum! He is honest, straightforward and that Scottish accent is sexy as all get out! There are so many things to love about this big guy! He plays so cool and tough on the outside but Inside? He is a nervous nelly because he doesn’t want to do anything wrong and make her leave. That first KISS?! OMG! So sexy and sweet! Tummy flutters appear here!

I hope all these guys get their stories on audio! I love listening to them talk for hours!! Those brothers crack me up! Ari and Wasp! They are sixteen year old crazies. But these guys are all about family and it shows.

I listened to this on audio. George Ellington did a wonderful job! I really loved listening to this one. It will be a repeater for the wonderful characters, amazing story and George Ellington’s voice!

 A wonderful story and wonderful narration 

I had a chance to listen to the audiobook. The story was brought to life by George Ellington (I have found a new voice I would love to listen to over and over). I loved the different accents to keep everyone separate and I enjoyed all the smiles and tears all over again.

Wow! This story kept me listening when I could not. Callum was a wonderful man, so protective, honest, committed to family, and willing to learn a new way. Mathilda stole my heart with her resolve to help others, to sacrifice her future for family, and her independence. Together, they had me laughing, crying, and hoping. Their family made them better when together, and I loved the hard working group of them.

 I absolutely loved it! 

When I first started reading this book I was a little worried because of how long it was and now that I am done it feels as if it just flew by. Take a break and do you self a favor and read this book. The lead guy Callum sounds so hot, but that is not to say this is your typical romance this is like romance with intelligence. I love the Scottish narrator who I’ve heard before on previous books, but this was my first time hearing him in a romantic part he did a wonderful job again he sounded so hot. So if you love romance especially the Highlander theories you would love the book.

Storm the Castle, by Jolie Vines

February 2020

“Come, lass. Get on a plane with me.”


A Highlander walks into a bar…. My father’s conference, to be exact. The Scot is huge, overbearing, and his gaze sets me on fire. He wants to take me home to see his mighty tower. I’m tempted. I really am. Except I just had a proposal from someone else. One that could give me everything I wanted. Apart from love. But when did I ever have a need for that?


I know what I want when I see it, and I’d move mountains for the lass with a whip-smart mind and killer legs. But I came here to reclaim a debt. The man who screwed me over put my castle on the line. My ancestral home where I raised three brothers. I cannae let that lie. If it means storming his party, then so be it.

Storm the Castle is the first in a major new contemporary romance series. Set in the gorgeous Scottish Highlands, this story of big love brings Highlander romance into the modern day. Be swept away by this steamy romantic stand-alone tale and start this series now.

For ordering or a sample listen, head to the following:

Written to Death, by Zach Abrams

January 2020

Did you believe writing was a safe pastime?

It was not the first time best-selling author Sheila Armstrong had died on stage, but it would most certainly be the last. DCI Alex Warren and his girlfriend, DI Sandra McKinnon, return from a short holiday, but hardly manage to step from the plane before they’re called to investigate the suspicious death.

Sheila, a member of Eastfarm Writers, has been stabbed to death on stage during a rehearsal of a play she’d written. Her death mimics the plot. Within hours, Sandra is roped into investigating a separate series of crimes, which appears to be mob-related. As the enquiries run parallel, they struggle to make progress while supporting each other.

But can there be a connection?

This is a stand-alone mystery, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read or listened to other books in the series.

For ordering or a sample listen, head to the following:

A Measure of Trouble, by Zach Abrams

20 December 2019

Just in time for the holidays, my latest audiobook is now available on Audible: A Measure of Trouble, Book 2 in the Alex Warren murder mysteries set in Glasgow, Scotland. I hope you’ll give it a listen, and yes, I do have promotional codes for a free download for anyone who wants one. Just let me know. The publisher’s blurb reads:

A cold February morning in Scotland begins with the discovery of a body, as Hector Mathewson is found dead within the cask room of his own distillery.

While directing the hunt for the murderer, D.C.I. Alex Warren needs to balance his own turbulent personal life. Their plentiful suspects have motives ranging from greed and nationalism to adultery and revenge.

For ordering or a sample listen, head to the following:

Offender of the Faith, by Zach Abrams

9 September 2019

I am very happy to share with you all the release of my latest audiobook production–Offender of the Faith by Zach Abrams. This was a real pleasure to record, and a challenge, trying to produce enough distinctive voices reflecting a variety of Scottish accents for the different characters in Zach’s latest book–the fourth book in the series of police procedurals in which I narrate murder investigations led by Detective Chief Inspector Alex Warren. This tale of murder among strained family relations and multiracial conflicts is set in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and home to a great variety of ethnic groups and disparate accents. In other words, for me as narrator–a challenging but grand story to produce!

As with my previous audiobook–Strange Tales of Scotland–I do have a good number of codes you can use for free downloads of Offender of the Faith through and I am more than happy to share those codes with anyone who would like to listen to this novel. And I do still have some codes for free downloads of Strange Tales of Scotland as well. Just send me a message, and as always, happy listening to all!

Oh, forgot to mention, the rights holders have contracted with me to produce the second and third books in this series of Alex Warren murder mysteries, so if you like this one, I have more audio books coming for you to enjoy. And I hope you’ll let me know what you think; I appreciate the feedback.

Strange Tales of Scotland, by Jack Strange

22 July 2019

I am very happy to share with you the release of my latest audio book, a production of Jack Strange’s Strange Tales of Scotland. This was so much fun for me to record, revisiting many of the most entertaining and fantastic tales of Scottish culture, tales of ghosts in castles, and of fin folk and monsters in lochs, and of body snatchers and even cannibals. You’ll probably recognize a few of the names you encounter in this book. It is one of a series of books about strange events in Scotland, England, and Wales written by Edinburgh’s own Malcolm Archibald under the pen name Jack Strange. I hope you’ll give it a listen. And let me know what you think. If you’d like to save a bit of money on this audio book, contact me. I have codes to allow the first 100 listeners to download this audio book for free in the United States or the United Kingdom from one of the following: at


Happy listening!

Istanbul: Turkish Travel Phrases for English Speakers, by Sarah Retter

25 June 2019

I am pleased to announce the release on Audible of my first Audiobook. It was a pleasure to return to Turkish–a language I have not had much of a call to use for sometime now–to assist Sarah Retter in the production of Istanbul: Turkish Travel Phrases for English Speakers. The Best 1.000 Phrases to Get Around when Traveling in Istanbul. This is a very useful travel book for English speakers visiting anywhere in Turkey, not just Istanbul, phrases to use while shopping, going out, renting a car, doing business, and so on. It is available on Audible here. Happy travels, all. İyi yolculuklar.