She does not know

There is at times a darkness in the sky
in the lines and the shadows of the clouds
that bleed into the braes that range us in
and color the very horizon in fears.
I see her watching and weaving this darkness
into patterned purpose shrouding her thoughts
and I so wish to turn her gaze far away
from the clinging stinging soul of doubt.
For it is clear to me that she doesn’t know.
She looks at herself so unappealingly
unapologetically rejecting her very being
her skin her bones her hands and bands
all of which i love and know so well to love.
Quite suddenly her smile will vanish fitfully
fingering tresses without even noticing
how gloriously her loveliness rises above
the maliferous banality of the world of man.
But she?  She truly does not know.
Yet I would have her know, have her know
so much better how skillfully her heart
sings hymns of love and longing and joy
that make my very heart to tremble.
I would have her see herself as I do
this beauteous woman most fair and airfully
attending the verdure ripe with wine and song
caressing the leaves of each needful tree.
Though still she does not know.
My love gently breathes lilies into bloom
and teaches the water fairies to dance in tune
while the world around her harkens and hails
this pail and prettiest of maidens true.
And though she may not know all of this yet
but I will most gladly quite madly spend my life
teaching her how fine and wonderful and worthy
she is to be loved as love was truly meant to be.

2015.05.25 Cumbria 044


the taste of laughter

i wish i knew more than this,
more than the listless dribblings
that fall from my memorizing tongue

ceaselessly turning pages
composed by knowledgeable others
whose certainties transpose my doubts

i would have seen more,
gleaned more from the engagings
of life’s merry makings and sheddings

i would have played gleefully
without a care for the cold haunting,
the distracting dissatisfactions of others

and i would stop wallowing
tearfully swallowing the pills of regret,
which is why the now is for me and for us

you see, at this moment i
tremble at the sight of you smiling
again, my dear love, and i am exultant

years may have swept away
my receding needs and pleases
leaving empty regard for times unheld

but i so very am—i am still
beyond the graying yesteryears
and despite them all, i know the taste of laughter

2017.02.25 SLC.Fam 001

scotland for all

Spires of stone mark this place
Where the bleating of the yowes
Blends with the cackle of painted puffins

This is a place of wonder and prayer
Where the cold clings to your heart
Calling the silent faithful to kneel

A place where the sun teases laughter
And time allows a respite of days
When whiskey flows casually and fair

Before the ever grasping English
Eager descendants of Saxon stock
Had hung their demands from swords

Before the Norsemen had landed
To pillage and plunder and finally
To settle old scores with blood

Before the clans of Caledonia had arisen
And bloody feuds and ceaseless war
Had stained this beautiful land

Even before the Picts their cairns
Had mournfully raised over the dead
Or bowed their heads to Ninian’s plea

There was this—a country shaped by God
Scotland, not for one people alone
But for all who give it their hearts

2015.05.21 John O'Groats 062b

nighean ruadh

it came as no surprise to me then

and yet i delighted in the sight

of you standing beneath the great tree

still gathering sparkles of sunlight

jealously shielded by the canopy above


the sun could not bear to part from you


delighted at your gentle touch

along the bark of this ancient weaver

entwining emeralds in the air about you

bobbing lightly through the shadows

wanting only to be close to you


the finest jewels suffer at your sight


how can i express the joy i felt

seeing you there, your lovely hair

gleefully glancing here waving there

nothing could i even now compare

to the serenity in your face


peace itself bows reverently before you


that moment belonged to you, m’eudail

mind you the music across the park

the pipes had begun to play and all would say

that the melody so fair was like the song

that flows from your sweet lips


music adores thee as well, my love


i will always mind that tree in Hyde Park

and how you glowed even in the shadows

for the truth of your very being is such

that no darkness could ever shroud the beauty

of my beloved nighean ruadh*


2015.05.10 London.Hyde Park 034

* “Nighean ruadh” translates as “red-haired lass”.

a life wholly fulfilled

oh weighty the years
that have borne my body
to once sullen earth
so weighty the moments
of desperate mourning
and insatiate madness
yet how sweetly now
time my heart engages
paging miraculous tales
and how lovingly now
my rising soul entangles
among vines of utmost joy
and all because of you
inspired, so deeply desired
wistfully wondrously you
singing songs of laughter
chanting hymns of love
pressing patterns peaceful
because of you, my love
the sun pirouettes above
the moon languorously lists
and i, emancipated at last
embrace the finest fullness
of a life wholly fulfilled

2015.05.26 Wychwood 023

nothing so dear

Gae wi’ me noo, love, far awa’
tae a land sae ancient an’ braw
whaur oor sweet weans an’ aye we twa
a life shall mak’ sae dear.
Tae thee shall A e’er be leal
’twas thee taught me richt how tae feel
how tae ken truest love aye weel
wi’ nae at all tae fear.
Come climb wi’ me yon rollin’ knowes
amang heather an’ wand’rin’ yowes
whaur the day to yer beauty bows
an’ gi’es yer tender haun.
Throu glens painted rich wi’ life
sae far from warldly cares and strife
whit joy tae kneel doon wi’ ma wife
alang the gentlest straun.
In winter let us dare the snaw
the silence tae drink in oor shaw
nae matter hou the winds maun blaw
a’ll always hauld ye near.
Gin ye could but love me so then
A wad the warld should truly ken
e’en tae the peak o’ the highest ben
fer me is nathin’ sae dear.

2015.05.22 Highlands 019


Go with me now, love, far away
to a land so ancient and fine
where our sweet children and yes we two
a life shall make so dear.
To thee shall I ever be loyal
’twas thee taught me right how to feel
how to know truest love so well
with not at all to fear.
Come climb with me yon rolling hills
among heather and wandering ewes
where the day to your beauty bows
and give me your tender hand.
Through glens painted rich with life
so far from worldly cares and strife
what joy to kneel down with my wife
along the gentlest shore.
In winter let us dare the snow
the silence to drink in our grove
no matter how the winds may blow
I’ll always hold you near.
If you could but love me so then
I would the world should truly know
even to the peak of the highest mountain
for me is nothing so dear.

we are one

“Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, ’til our Life shall be Done.”
the taste of these words
lingers in my thoughts
expressing warmest recognition
and magnificent joy.
i savor their substance
their enduring transcendence
as i enfold you once more
in my needing arms.
these words i have learned
in their full finest form
unencumbered, unadorned
from, my love, you:
i am yours
you are mine
we are one.
and i would have it
be no other way
than this.