yours is a beauty that defies reason
a beauty that defines each season

in quiet cold, or a birthing psalm
in majestic play, or a healing calm

the stars transpose your form above
the jealous trees whisper your love

reverent the sun would bend his knee
revealing his envy of none but me

for you illuminate the darkest night
for you the angels above take flight

Salt Lake City 28 April 2023


how the wrens sing

the breeze blew briskly
over the mired marshy shore
prodding the cautious cattails
to bow and rise and bow again
until the breeze died down
once more

a chime of climbing wrens
bobbing dipped their beaks
and trillful singing dropped
to the marsh and landed
gladfully on the cattails
clasping stalks

and i again in ventures new
consumed as ever, beloved,
by thoughts of warmly you
watched their spryful play
sailing aloft and back again
resting anew

knowing at that moment
beyond a single doubt
how magically mysterious
time telling tales engages
spirits and singing eyes
seeking on

but that regardless the day
and despite the aging way
this careful me steps on,
always and forever beats
in this breast a heart
so grateful

for the time i shared,
most beautiful soul,
with you

Salinas 03 September 2022

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Brigid to the Aging Lover

says he to his beloved:

the wind doth blaw the day, my love
a few wee drops o’ rain
the leaves lash at the branches above
the winds whip a refrain

the warld whirls ambitious an’ gray
the muin fimmers a beat
the stars nae langer reel for the day
the gods abandon thair seat

says Brigid in response:

yet in this maist tempestuous time
yer mind turns e’er tae she
memories of her sae sweet, sublime
wi’ howp yer hert set free

sae dance nou the day in colours fair
a sang yer saul tae grace
in sorrow cry nae mair, nae mair
lat jey yer life embrace

says he to his beloved:

the wind does blow today, my love
a few small drops of rain
the leaves lash at the branches above
the winds whip a refrain

the world whirls ambitious and gray
the moon skips a beat
the stars no longer reel for the day
the gods abandon their seat

says Brigit in response:

yet in this most tempestuous time
your mind turns ever to she
memories of her so sweet, sublime
with hope your heart set free

so dance now the day in colors fair
a song your soul to grace
in sorrow cry no more, no more
let joy your life embrace

Salt Lake City 24 Aug 2022

memories of you

You are far from me now
though I once held you near,
yet in every autumn breeze
‘tis your voice I do hear.

The tips of these fingers
still feel your fine skin,
these eyes hold the vision
of the elegance you were in.

This heart echoes the beat
of potent passion’s embrace,
my thoughts reflect the beauty
that resides e’er in your face.

Every dear memory of you
sure enhances my love,
this enduring desire entrances
envious the fairies above.

No day could diminish
nor year could ever erase,
the light from your soul
the smile from your face.

Even as the heavens call me
to some far distant shore,
I would plead to be with you
for just one moment more.

without her

in her absence
i so often my thoughts explore
imploring my heart a peace to find
instructing my mind a focus to pursue

but beyond that
this empty space around me
quite compels me to feeling reach
for her again and again grasping at air

this coldly flesh
pressing eagerly her to touch
fumbling for her beneath sheets
tossing and turning night after night

my blood burns
yearning to thrust hard within
pinning her body below my need
feeding lustful my hunger for her

yet needing still
to fulfill her every desiring
inspiring her with richest pleasure
measured inch by inch along her skin

may she know
beyond doubting how clever
she enchants my body and soul
with hope and ever heartful longing

and this as well,
beloved, know that this me
sings keeningly such love for you
that the moon herself a jealous shade

coloring coldly, warmly wraps
our love around her core

Salt Lake City 05 Aug 2022

her heart

i have seen her heart—
witnessed its incredible dimensions
dearly and most deftly ascending
through darkest shrouding clouds,
climbing in utmost innocence
and mutely immeasurable kindness

i have seen her heart—
pathing days through pettiest ways
of glaringly spiteful python men
egregiously clamoring for more
of a her they had no right to claim
maiming thus their own ambitions

i have seen her heart—
parting painfully sweet companions
for need of finding a loving home
despite the tearful loss to herself,
who deserves so readily, so surely
the warm comfort of a gentle soul

i have seen, and do believe,
that such a heart deserves
all the love that my own
can give

Salt Lake City 24 July 2022

you, the heavens

not a day goes by when I
in keeping with habit formed
or more formal need succeed
in keeping to a gentle slumber

Lugh himself cannot outdo
my pace, lacing lingering droplets
of sun one to another to blanket
the sky with his burning dawn

there is alluring much to adore
in the heavenly shores that seed
the sky with shimmering stars
at night and ply the morning’s glow

yet in laying my head at last
to rest nested in the softest cushions
or in rising to begin another day
to play this needed role or that

it is neither Lugh’s brilliance
nor even the Night Queen Rhiannon
herself, whose illumined curves
admittedly I do longing admire

but you, beloved, who in innocence
enchant me, enthralling my heart
and spirit rising to sigh and sing
your name again and again and again

it is in sight of your glowing eyes
that Lugh’s morning hues are deepened,
it is with thoughts of your beauty
that Rhiannon’s majesty is restored

Salt Lake City 23 July 2022

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

you are

You are
ever my peace and my passion,
my quiet harmony and my hope.

You are
the breath that warms my flesh,
the kiss that contours my lips.

You are
the home that cradles my soul,
the voice that sings my spirit.

You are
the rain that nurtures my roots,
the moon that lights my desires.

You are
my now, my how and my when,
my tomorrow, my why, my then.

You are
the first thought that awakens me
and the dream I embrace in sleep.

I love you
with every beat of my joyful heart
and with every note of my being.

Salt Lake City 21 July 2022


shyly the moon hides
teasingly sighing behind
a blanket of ebony clouds

i sit in this nightly quietude
musing on time and tempests
silhouetting my slightest thoughts

in solitude i hopeful stare
into the slowly swirling sky
searching earnest for my love

she eludes me, lingering
wistful playfully laying aside
dayful prayers for our pleasure

i am coming, my sweet,
save your seductive whispers
for another night, and another

for your words will never
silent fall unheeded, unheard
but birdlike fly to my seeking soul

know that i nurture this wish
one entreaty more earnestly held
than all the will of my years could tell:

to be loved by you
and you to love
forever yours to be
to the end of my days

Salt Lake City 13 July 2022

a voice from afar

when first I nervous heard
her voice from afar,
I felt the edges of time
drawing swiftly near

my veined hand trembled
as if my naked heart
had been exposed at once
to the light of the moon

and each wandering star
swaying above sang soulful
a chorus finely composing
the truest of harmonies

the walls encircling me
abandoned their pretense
and rising revealed a garden
of lush lilac and honeysuckle

from amidst the lisping leaves
I spied winged faeries flitting
from blossom to blossom
smiling the warmest welcome

and through the verdant trees
the pipes and the whistle
beckoned the eager fiddle
to join in the delightful dance

I remember calling her name
and reaching out my hand,
feeling her fingers thirstily
tickling my timid skin

and together we whirled
like fearless wisps wisely
sighing over notes plucked
by Cana Cludhmor herself

when first I heard her voice
whispering in the distance,
I knew my listing life at last
a path had truly discovered

and that nothing would
ever be the same again

Salt Lake City 11 July 2022