prescient moments

it began with words and images,
each photo gently revealing she
reveling in a life I knew naught of
beyond labels and apparent textures:
a beach in Oregon, steps in Bari,
her blatant displeasure with selfies

and I laughed and smiled
and laughed again

it was meaningful and mysterious,
but it was her eyes that captivated me
tantalizingly translucent, hints of
blue and green, as scintillating silver
stretched my imagination and
haunted my thoughts ever after

as even more I smiled
at her infinite colors

I listening grew with each new
word or phrase, each sweet anecdote
detailing light and painful darkness
in measured moments and yet
she too so swiftly in humor elating
as relating more she quite simply

and graciously sang my heart
with prescient passion

Salt Lake City 21 May 2022

unexpected hope

There is much in her to admire,
much to inspire me with hope
and healing heartful ambition.

And yet what truly astounds me
as around me the world persists
in twisting tormented indifference—

as not a single day goes by free of
the stilted roles feigningly performed
by manacled souls mouthing vows—

is that there is no falsehood in her
nor even taint of ungracious craving,
no cruelty nor malicious ignorance.

She is of all things the most honest,
most endearing darling soul I have
encountered in such a long long time.

And for the simple
knowing of her I am
so very grateful.

Salt Lake City 20 May 2022

song of love

There is an eloquence in love
that dove-like soars lofty and true,
strive as we might to capture it,
to entrap it tattered like a pinned
butterfly morbid in its lost beauty.

I have known as many have
what it is like to shrivel dessicated
beneath an angry sun, sullenly
grasping at a hope that rose so far
beyond my weary withering limbs.

Yet even that pain is purposeful,
pursuing a being that meaningfully
rips away the pins that prickly bind,
the mortar that your broken heart
to a man unworthy did cement.

Freedom is more than the cracking
of shackles that deny our steps,
more than the ruin of fetid fears
that leave us impotent and scarred,
abandoned by enervating doubt.

Freedom is the expansion of the heart
imparting a kindness and ageless beauty
that ascends beyond the darkest past,
casting glorious a light that brightly
each sound, each flowing color imbues

with a hue and hope
my voice longs
to forever sing.

salt lake city 19 may 2022

Image by Schwoaze from Pixabay

Let Me Adore You

These imagined kisses are not enough, my love,
not nearly enough to quell the daunting clamor
of this heart, this flesh, this needful being
desperately longing for the warmest touch
of beloved you – these embraces effacing
the coldness of another day another night alone.

These overly wrought renditions of love meant
to further pale the complexion of shyest moon
swooning over ever slumbering Endymion.
And like Selene so deeply stirring, demuring
over the merest thought of you, fully formed
images of you that hopeful hold my heart.

This dreadful distance callously calling
words that wash over trembling timid me—
taunt me no more I cry despising this time.
Allow me rather to worship the wealth of you,
the richly rewarding moist core of you
dewy dripping your desire over my lips.

Lay before me, opening to my tongue
tracing laces down your blushing skin
as I whisper adoration across your breasts,
suckling each firm peak teasingly adored
before downward more I implore the hardening
bud of you between my worshipful lips.

Let me bury my face in the moist warmth
of you, my tongue licking longing lustfully
to taste ever deliciously you who nourishes life,
as hardened I hunger to plunge deeply within
breathing most passionate pleading prayers
across every inch of your sweetly pulsing flesh.

Speak, and allow this so ordinary yet daring man,
who strides anonymous through a world unknown,
to love you even more than words could craving say.

Salt Lake City 18 May 2022


i imagine many things about her
and the deeply precious vision
she has inspired in my soul

but this thought most especially
in great clarity comes to my mind
nearly overwhelming my heart:

i see her standing there below
the brightest bows of wisteria
I have ever eagerly witnessed

vines climbing carelessly over
ancient solemn stones heedlessly
clinging to dust darkened walls

each flower in apparent anonymity
anxiously strives drippingly down
towards unseen yet beckoning her

but then, of course they do

for as like follows ever like
in kinship seeking needful union
so too must beauty adore beauty

and these bountiful blossoms
most naturally inclined enticingly
long to drape themselves over

most warmly feeling and
sweetly flourishing she

salt lake city 17 may 2022


I am likely not as clever
as some people assume.

The degrees I have collected
are evidence of commitment
rather than any intelligence,
for if I were really so astute,
then why have I stumbled
so often through these years
as if incapable of learning
from my abundant mistakes?

I have indeed lived a full life:
have sired beautiful children,
acquired multiple languages,
and lived in several countries.
I have seen my books published
hosted a show on television,
and composed more poems
than anyone should ever endure.

I have been places and seen
things that evoke envy in others.
And yet, beyond the superficial
glamor of it all, I have failed
time and again to recognize
and honor the value of truth
or to embrace the unconstructed
beauty of an honest love.

Which is perhaps why now
when all else is said and done
my soul can stand thus naked
beneath the sun and unfettered
declare in a voice quiet yet keen:
I am a fool and have always been.
Yet let not my mistakes define me,
but my eagerness to learn from them,

and to open
my heart, beloved,
to you.

Salt Lake City 16 May 2022

your smile

Nae, I could not enumerate,
had I a lifetime tae share,
the blessings that you endow,

so let these words suffice
as quietly this solitary night
I stare at these images of you:

beyond your beauty and charm
beyond your clever wit
and ever engaging spirit,

I maun this too impart that
so much can be conveyed
in the simplest smile.

Oh, most modest, my love,
never doubt the charity
of this unassuming act.

For surely you must now know—
however heavy may fall
the burdens of my days—

one look at your smiling face
and I am sweetly uplifted
above fear, beyond care

tae a joy serene and true.

salt lake city 14 may 2022

at the water’s edge

the trees were silent and still
as i descended to the stream
coursing gently over polished stones
stepping down towards the foot
of the ancient mountain

i knew i had to be here—
it was where i always found peace
whenever the world shook
my faith and discarded hope
for the sake of angry profit

i was alone, but not so
for she was always within me
her voice echoing in my thoughts
her laughter tempting my spirit
to frollick once more in the glen

but now in the warm sunlight
straining down through branches
bowed beneath times birthing
years and tearful only for the want
of most beautiful beloved she

i crouched at the water’s edge
and playful submerged my hand
beneath the surface, my skin
drawing in the immediate warmth,
invigorated by its sweet clarity

i sat for a time, imagining her
as eager and elevated i might strain
to calmly remove her clothing
piece by careful piece, the scent
of her arousing my blushing flesh

in my thoughts she lay beside me
her breath beckoning my lips
to brush hers as my hands explored
her skin, glorying in the enticing
contours of her exquisite beauty

urged on, i would trace my tongue
down around her breasts,
teasing them, pleasing as well as
i may my lover’s grateful need
while breeding hope once more

until at last resting between her legs
i might taste the very core of her,
as heart and soul and flesh fell together
unfettered and fully formed, adoring
each moment when love could cry

yes and yes, in honest tones

salt lake city 14 may 2022


The enormity of words
is so oft forgotten, he said,
buried beneath the banalities
of an unremarkable life,
and yet it is through speech
through voice, that I find
an incomparable strength
an unimaginable vitality
in the simplest acts of being.

I have listened to you
with the utmost attention,
to your sweetly spoken and
every whispered word, and
I know that you doubt this,
but there is in your voice
a truth that reaches deeply
inside this me and caresses
my depleted soul back to life.

Your words impress patterns
on a moment unexpected.
My words beggar disbelief,
I know, as no one could possibly
accept their veracity, so swiftly
felt and so zealously conveyed.
And yet they are the truth,
so I offer them to you without
any expectation of return.

Rather I say them now
so that you may know
how wonderful you are:

I love you. And I hope
that some wondrous day
you may feel the same.

just one word

with just one word, you
so truly now undo me
unraveling simply
my rapturous needs
to happy reveal a heart
of fervently beating
and pulsing measures
treasuring the very
ardent sound of you,
moaning my earnest soul
as if you had forever
known thus keenly me

with just one word, you
cajole my trembling lips
to linger honeyed over
the sweetest taste of you
opening, my tongue
exploring the shadows
of your thighs, caressing
perfectly unpatterned you,
who with nothing more
than a single whispered word
can coax my aging flesh
so firmly to rise within you

with just one word, you
trembling with brazen bearing
sharing all of hidden you
caring for naught else
than these my fingers
teasing tensing within you
wetly exploring, adoring
my darling you whose
tremulous voice implores
my needing arms to envelop you
my lips to kiss moistly you
my heart to beat your name

and all because of just one
word that flame like flickers
across my soul, sealing
my heart with honest hope

salt lake city 12 may 2022