something I would say
and yet daily delay despite
how eagerly I would have
her know this too, this
most hopeful thought
that dearly dawns my day
and touching stays with me
night after gentle night

something that reflects
a meaningful seeking,
a desirous peeking past
words once spoken, words
of solitary ambition—
an intention of only me
leaving a life behind
to explore on my own

and yet, that is not me,
not now, for in loving her
am I become enamored
of something far greater
than a residual pleading me,
you see, I long for more
for something finer, fuller
for a much brighter being

seeing and sweetly feeling
this she whom I adore,
I desire more than a once
solitary existence emphatic
in my freedom to explore
unbounded dreams over
mountain streams, wandering
glens and forests unfettered

I can neither imagine nor
again aspire to travel this world
as me – simple selfish me –
but as us, a word that conveys
far more significance than
any other syllable could, being
at once an expression of truth and
a magically inspiring journey

Salt Lake City 10 July 2022

Image by pierreborgen44 from Pixabay

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