shyly the moon hides
teasingly sighing behind
a blanket of ebony clouds

i sit in this nightly quietude
musing on time and tempests
silhouetting my slightest thoughts

in solitude i hopeful stare
into the slowly swirling sky
searching earnest for my love

she eludes me, lingering
wistful playfully laying aside
dayful prayers for our pleasure

i am coming, my sweet,
save your seductive whispers
for another night, and another

for your words will never
silent fall unheeded, unheard
but birdlike fly to my seeking soul

know that i nurture this wish
one entreaty more earnestly held
than all the will of my years could tell:

to be loved by you
and you to love
forever yours to be
to the end of my days

Salt Lake City 13 July 2022


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