could i

could i but hold you once more
feel you sitting serenely beside me
could i inhale your luminous being
shimmering sweetly across my skin
could i but hear your heart again
chanting such perfect devotion

oh so lovely you are, and ever so
loving, and worthy – my God, yes! –
so worthy of every beat of my heart
that adores in guileless abandon
your gentle touch, your ardent kiss,
the softly swelling breath of your soul

Salt Lake City 25 Aug 2012

9 thoughts on “could i

    • Thank you, Robyn. I am rather fond of this photo myself. It holds a very special meaning for me: a place of love and peace. Just had to turn it into the background image for this blog while I was at it. Quite a hopeless romantic, me.


  1. Oh, I much enjoyed this, thank you. I cannot say what kind of poetry I enjoy most, as it changes with every read. The abstruse challenges the mind to think the unthinkable, while the simply told sonnets remind us that a child or someone wonderfully romantic lives within us. This was lovely, just lovely, and I think I’ll go back to read it once more.

    “could i inhale your luminous being
    shimmering sweetly across my skin”



    • Thank you very much, Cara. So very kind of you. I agree — there is no one voice, no one style that appeals more than any other. Although I have been blessed indeed to find voices here that have touched me deeply and opened my heart.


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