i do love

there is one i adore
who so distant dwells
yet moment and memory
command with such sweet
and gentle persuasion

who bequeaths to adoring
souls in vibrant verse
such beauty and mirth
as i have never known
despite these many years

who defines sunsets
and sorrows so tangibly,
lives impeccably drawn
and tenderly offered with
compassion’s own sighs

whose voice ascends
across the flesh of this
earthly engendered man
unto the very gates of
highest heaven uncreated

whose lips like petals
presume naught while
promising all there is
of color and warmth
of light and limpid smiles

trembling i unrestrainedly cry
my devotion over land and sea
for this fair she, wondrous
spirit has my love embraced
and i in her soul am set free

Salt Lake City 24 Aug 2012

Santa Cruz, California

7 thoughts on “i do love

    • Thank you, RL. Very sweet of you to say. I keep thinking someone is going to get tired of all this romantic poetry I have been composing, but I just cannot stop. I feel so inspired, being so loved and loving so dearly.


      • Aw…yeah well…I don’t think you need to worry about any of us getting sick of romantic poetry. That this is what paints out of your experiences, well, that is just beautiful. Being loved and loving in return, a marvelous gift, and reallly, very write worthy. There is not really enough romantic writers at present. A dying breed in a way…so never feel like it will be unappreciated. It is gorgeous to read.


      • Yes, RL, you are right. And your encouragement, believe me, is deeply appreciated. As is the poetry you share with us. I was just commenting on one of your pieces and contemplating what the world might look like, what love must feel like, in the heart of poetess. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


    • Oh, thank you, Susan. I do like that description — of my poetry singing. That is how it feels sometimes. I imagine this experience is comparable to yours, but when I write poetry like this, I say it — nearly chant it — out loud and try to sense it, try to comprehend how it feels. This one felt like what was truly in my heart.


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