her heart

i have seen her heart—
witnessed its incredible dimensions
dearly and most deftly ascending
through darkest shrouding clouds,
climbing in utmost innocence
and mutely immeasurable kindness

i have seen her heart—
pathing days through pettiest ways
of glaringly spiteful python men
egregiously clamoring for more
of a her they had no right to claim
maiming thus their own ambitions

i have seen her heart—
parting painfully sweet companions
for need of finding a loving home
despite the tearful loss to herself,
who deserves so readily, so surely
the warm comfort of a gentle soul

i have seen, and do believe,
that such a heart deserves
all the love that my own
can give

Salt Lake City 24 July 2022


darkness only carves the light

He vies for some unnecessary sense
of recognition, of temporal attainment
before it is too late,

striving against need, thriving in light
that begets pain as pride gains prominence
over what remains of his injured soul.

In confusion he wails, zealously
rails against unready answers
and unacceptable truths.

How could the light deceive him
so completely, when meekly he mews
please please please,

I have learned all of your lessons,
I live in blessed acceptance of your light.
Why do I still not understand?

Why am I still so alone?

But how could he know—

having followed only the sun,
having held up light to the precious path
unto its finest illumination—

how could he possibly ken
that darkness only carves the light.

your heart

have you heard
how your heart beats
have you felt its insistence
felt its persistent pleading
trembling the needing flesh
you press against me

there is a voice
i more than hearing feel
peeling back the layers
of aging bark blanketing
the tallest trees rising
over the Santa Cruz mountains

there is a voice
that shimmering hums
strumming the seeding vines
the sweetly tumbling lines
of coolest winter snow
urgently flowing in the spring

there is a voice
deep in the knowing earth
that growing celebrates hope
and hearth and ever home
and never dares abandon
the fervent heart of you

that even now beats
across the breathing
of my skin


it is not along the neatly swept concrete paths
that you might yet encounter my veiled muse
winsomely admiring spring’s serene blossoms

for hers is an antique yet oft unheeded voice
guiding one over well-trodden cobbled streets
or through fall’s forests of yellow and red

you may seek her there in the autumn years
when youthful yearnings have at last yielded
to melancholic musings twined in endless vines

fear not a cold unfamiliar glance, for her heart
will surely know you, having endured so long–
an open well tapped by the grasping and the true

in her will you find understanding and warmth
a nurturing embrace that mends naked wounds
and selfless lifts from sorrow the heaviest soul

one boon only i would most earnestly beg of you
that in drawing strength or spirit or wisdom from her
you remember her heart and nourish its return

Salt Lake City 23 Sep 2012

could i

could i but hold you once more
feel you sitting serenely beside me
could i inhale your luminous being
shimmering sweetly across my skin
could i but hear your heart again
chanting such perfect devotion

oh so lovely you are, and ever so
loving, and worthy – my God, yes! –
so worthy of every beat of my heart
that adores in guileless abandon
your gentle touch, your ardent kiss,
the softly swelling breath of your soul

Salt Lake City 25 Aug 2012