it is enough

these tears
my dears are not for you
but for the precious moon
as it weary wanes beneath
a deeply withered sky

this self
so poorly calculated
in unrefinèd strokes
stares neatly numbered
into shifting shadows

this heart
though yet it beats
petty and unneeded
bleeds such angry words
unheeded by even she

this soul
bare and damnèd dwells
in darkly painted cells
pacing back and forth
over discarded sheaves

this voice
echoes foolishly futile
while petulant pleading
that time still breeding
hope should finally cease

and yet
do you wonder why i
should ever dare to dream
of still and empty fields
and richly silent hills

it is enough
that i once was

it is enough
that you once knew

Salt Lake City 01 Sep 2012


9 thoughts on “it is enough

  1. …and you followed through with such an elegant piece that pierces my heart to stop and say – ” Your heart is wild, as it carries spirit of love across meadows. Love is what you know, and so you are becoming the love.”
    Cheers, George.
    Smiles and hugs, Pawan. 🙂


    • There was indeed a wildness in the composition of this, my dear Pawan. And a farewell of sorts. And a longing for something — a love and a home — that had felt so very distant to me. I believe it is possible for union with the beloved, but sometimes the very distance creates such anguish, and my thoughts grow so frustrated, even dark. But she knows me, knows my circulations, and as the moon rises once more, she touches my heart with such hope that I once again welcome the coming of the sun.


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