Our bare limbs stretch across the sands
Desperate for distant Isis to return
As the great burning orb glares
At a land all too eager to breath once more

The servants of Maat, wills reviving
Daintily dip their shaven heads
Heavy words falling quickly from their lips
As one by one they approach the shore

“Rise!” the God our King commands
“Rise!” He proclaims as He casts
His declaration into the shallow Nile
His face stern as temple stone

And we – we the weary farmers
We the wary watchers, the mindful merchants
We the obedient slaves, the sullen soldiers
A thousand thousand of us, waiting

As one we watch the papyrus command
Float over the sluggish blood of Egypt
The Nile River from which all life comes
The heart of our once great land

We watch, we wait, praying for the waters to return
And despite my fear, I dare to look
Upon our King, son of the son of Ra
Who gazes ever heavenward, stolid, true

From bended knee I look upon him and wonder
As his hands begin to tremble and his eyes close
For the water refuses to rise beneath the angry sun
And the land grows drier and drier still

With a sharp glance at his High Priest
Our King turns away and begins his ascent
While my children, hungry and scared, look to me
“It’s alright,” I say, “we’ll try again tomorrow.”

i have waited

i have waited for you
while staring at the stars
i have waited by streams
and forests deeply green
standing among the red
and brown and blue
greedily needing you
and when your love
my heart embraced
inciting all the myriad
voices of willful me
inviting all the parts
of me a whole to build
i timid myself unfolded
boldly shaping words
like leathering beasts
to fill the naked fields
of my unspoken dreams
whilst railing at gods
and glories i do not claim

yet when at last the sun
abed did restful sleep once
more i sighed and knew
i knew at last how stars
their cradle eager fled
to wander richly made
till humble silent and staid
a home they found anew
and clinging crowned
the pristine heavens above
with dreams that fools
such as i too oft pursue
until the sun again unveils
a world where reds and browns
and greens and blues prevail
and sweetest hope may yet
within a trembling voice
once more abide—your voice
while I ever wait for you
unto the setting sun

waiting in silence

my heart trembles in moments
that crumble quite effortlessly
beneath the pitiless weight
of waiting alone

my heart bleeds an angry voice
so egregiously impertinent
perfectly hardening marrow
to shivered stone

every night i listen quite untended
as silence beckons an end
to a mournful melody
that no one can hear

every night i weep for a grove
that could never grow free
of these clamorous needs
that thrive in such fear

Salinas 19 Dec 2012


i had a vision last night
striving as ever for sleep
and this is what i saw:

a wizened man breathing
heavy sighs over thighs
clasped by wretched hands

his skin trembled crawling
clinging barely to brittle
bones well settled with pain

over the balcony watching
spying the ducks waddling
lazily along the slowing stream

his thin hair hung grizzled
unkempt across pallid cheeks
sunken and finely flaked

through dreary eyes he watches
hoping for something to come
expecting nothing to happen

his daughter long since gone
his beloved never arrived
his spirit has borne eternity

yet there he sits wondering still
as blood dries beneath his flesh
and his heart wearies of waiting

Salt Lake City 08 Oct 2012