winter wraps its quiet calm
ruthlessly around my heart
dragging me out of the night

desiccated blossoms droop
dripping hopeless tears
in the harsh morning light

why awaken at all I ask
when the fools around me
still to these insanities cling

why step forth at all, my friends
when these furious voices
praising a pathetic tyrant do sing

my soul from birth dreamily
drawing on hope and light
to the seas longed to embark

but in the midst of this shameful
display of ignorance and hatred
I find I now prefer the dark

the view from my window this morning

this madness

lies, lies, blatant lies!
raising his fists to the skies
indignant he cries

while out on the streets
he and she and we blether
outraged repugnance

incited by they
with incessantly whinging:
see what was stolen!

in callous caprice
lofty winds self-righteous rage
rending flesh from hope

the clock is ticking
step down from your pedestal
before we all die

Boastful tyrant pretentious and cruel

Boastful tyrant pretentious and cruel
Pompous prince of prevarication
preening before your sycophantic admirers,
O would be king utterly bereft of honor
and altogether ignorant of truth or time

I do not know who to despise more now—
the orangely glowing greedy fool
who giddy slithers atop his imaginary throne
or the pathetic masses who so willingly
bend the knee in craven obeisance

Together you accomplish nothing of value
derangedly demanding praise for your failures
while blatantly chipping away at the once
glorious foundations of a beloved democracy
the ruins of which you sell off to the highest bidder

Insipidly you smile as you lower the shroud
over the bloodied corpse of our principles
striving to replace them with cretinous commands
for children caged and families torn asunder
in a land of hatred and venality and perpetual fear

But know you this—
O despicable despot of dancing dunces
and all of you who blindly bow before him—
truth cannot be silenced forever
and we will certainly rise again