#Audiobook alert! The Sentinel’s Alliance is here in #audio #audible — Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

Click on the cover here to listen to a sample from THE SENTINEL’S ALLIANCE.

Happy weekend. I have the best news to share – the final book in my Silent Sea Chronicles Trilogy is out now! You can see all my audiobooks on Audible US author page and Audible UK author page It’s so exciting to see the whole series out in audiobook and I have to thank the […]

#Audiobook alert! The Sentinel’s Alliance is here in #audio #audible — Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

The Silent Sea Chronicles

Working with Suzanne Rogerson, the talented author of the fantasy series, The Silent Sea Chronicles, and we have wrapped up our production of the audiobook for the second book in the series, The Sentinel’s Reign, which is now available on Amazon/Audible. In fact, I have some promo codes for anyone looking for a free download of the audiobooks in my collection. We are especially looking for listeners who would be willing to listen and write a review for Amazon/Audible. Do please let me know if you are interested in a free Audible download of The Lost Sentinel or The Sentinel’s Reign from Suzanne Rogerson. I am very happy with the work we did on these audiobooks and the grand range of voices I was allowed to produce. I hope you give them a listen. Samples are available by following the links embedded in the covers below. We are also working on Book 3 now, The Sentinel’s Alliance, hopefully to be available on Audible around February 2021.

The Sentinel’s Reign

I just wanted to share with you all that my newest audiobook has been released on Audible: THE SENTINEL’S REIGN, Book 2 in the wonderful series SILENT SEA CHRONICLES, written by the talented Suzanne Rogerson. I hope you’ll give it a listen. In fact, we have codes for a free download for those who are interested in listening and reviewing our audiobooks. Just let me know. Cheers.

I do still have free download codes for a number of my other audiobooks if anyone is interested. In between writing poetry and teaching English, narrating audiobooks is how I find a chance to express myself. And to perform, and for a man who was always too shy to step out onto a stage, narrating audiobooks is ideal. Just search for “George Ellington” on Audible. I am always happy to share: