silence the storm

the angry sky crackles in cascading light
slivers of silvery fury score the heavens
screaming back and forth at one another
like restless women grasping at baubles
and brooches in a sweaty İstanbul bazaar

obtuse the city that slumbers beneath,
dreaming engorged of gorgeous flesh and
errant adventures dully imagined atop
perilous heights impossibly attained in
the blink of a blind man’s roving eye

while I, courting ingenuous young lovers,
sip tepid tea from a faded cup and sup
at languorous feasts of uninspired tedium
while imparting my delightful gibberish
in the guise of noble guileless precision

in the face of which even I, vainglorious,
must acknowledge that there is more grace
in a single cacophonous crash of thunder
than this pathetic fool could ever muster
with all the pompous words at my disposal



reeds bow in the breeze
bending ever obedient
yet wistfully weaving
dreams of massive roots
and encompassing bark
and branches scratching
at the very sky above


as they pliant genuflect so
oh why, they seem to lament
to a cypress copse nearby
why not we drawn to the sea
when shall we too grow tall
as you and firm and standing
fast in rich and fertile soil?


the winds rise shunting aside
such feeble wishes as these
and the reeds ride restless
the swirling raging storm
feverish swaying yet unbroken
their hopes reside unspoken
while a mighty cypress crashes




Salt Lake City 16 Oct 2012