the stars

ask not the stars
for their track
time trimmingly told
has naught to do
with ever this

nor bother the moon
whose gentle graces
once bestowed
can never be withdrawn
before the tolling bells

it is but the will
of weary petulant
man that banishes
innocence and
tarnishes truth

ask not the stars
oblivious sailing
across the heavens
for their journey
can never be yours


innocent stars

my feet so firmly on the ground
how might I ever comprehend eternity
when all the sky ever does is climb
higher and higher away from me,
the clearest and cruelest act
of abandonment I have known

thus am I left longing to be more
than this tiny most timid man
of no means whatsoever, whinging
worldly curses at innocent stars
while sallying forth to do battle
with my own baleful ignorance

no matter how zealously I strive
to climb from star to star above
I am left with the utmost certainty
that my soul remains much closer
to a clod of worm defecated dirt
than to the nearest speck of stardust


uncountable all the more
are the stars of this night
eagerly emerging spreading
over heaven’s ebony dome
assembling like wizened souls
gathering but for a glance
gathering just for the chance
of the blessed sight of you
so very jealous are they
of Ra, the all-seeing sun
who emerges in the east
who disperses the beastly
night so that he too may
witness your beauty
every moment of every
single uncountable day