But why do you need more?
I ask my son.
Don’t you have enough yet?
No. Not enough.
You can’t really play with them all, can you?
Yes, all of them.
What game are you playing anyway?
Not playing. Building.
What are you building, Coop?
A tower.

Because it may look like nothing more
than a pointless pile of discarded plush,
of Gonzo and Red Panda and Monkey
and so much more,
but that is only because I am not seeing
what he so cleverly spies
being young and determined and hopeful.
For what could be more fun
than building a tower?

A tower? I ask.

Then I can be sooo high.

But why?

Then I can see everything in the whole wide world.

Coop building a tower of plush

my beautiful boy

he is a wondrous whirlwind
of expansive energy
and most honest intent

he is the beckoning voice
of a far gone youth
compelling me to rise and follow

he is the breath of curiosity
refusing to comply
yet always eager to please

he reaches deep into my heart
and finds the hidden places
i once wandered when i too was young

he keeps me honest and hopeful
and richly rewards
every second i am willing

to play in his world


his tiny fingers enfold your heart
so effortlessly, being sung trembling
into being by your spirit undaunted
daring to soar blue and green and fine

i smile so at the truthful serenity
of this profoundly tendered warmth
how innocently giggling he wiggles
in your playful nurturing embrace

clever skin seals gracefully you two
imbuing bounty into every touch
every tickle every honest blissful laugh
promising eternity in one knowing kiss

Salt Lake City 05 Aug 2012