sweetly ever you

It is so sweetly appealing
how insistently she denies
what is to me undeniable:
how beautiful she is!

Acclaim as you will the thrilling
beauty filling your eyes
from any vantage point
across this vast globe.

Paint your praises over
falls and halls and hallowed
ground abounding with myth
and legendary fame.

But never will you find
in filial devotion or motioned
distraction, scaling skyward
heights or floating aloft,

nothing that can compare
with the inescapable charm
and the ever warmly imploring
loveliness that I see every day

when my sweet love
smiles my way.

Salt Lake City 04 July 2022

your smile

a most timid breeze breathes
across the newly leafing trees
that encircle my birthing world,
gently scattering bare blossoms
like whirling wisps twisting
turning ever yearning to rise
once more into shimmering skies
of deepest meaningful blue

I watch them falling finally
coming to rest nestling among
the bright blades of grass
that tickle the feet of children
prancing playful in dayful
dreams laughingly entranced,
and I wonder at just how joyful
my chanting cheerful heart

ascends on wings singing
to heaven’s gate gratefully
guided by the blissful smiles
you bless me with every day

Salt Lake City 22 June 2022

your smile

Nae, I could not enumerate,
had I a lifetime tae share,
the blessings that you endow,

so let these words suffice
as quietly this solitary night
I stare at these images of you:

beyond your beauty and charm
beyond your clever wit
and ever engaging spirit,

I maun this too impart that
so much can be conveyed
in the simplest smile.

Oh, most modest, my love,
never doubt the charity
of this unassuming act.

For surely you must now know—
however heavy may fall
the burdens of my days—

one look at your smiling face
and I am sweetly uplifted
above fear, beyond care

tae a joy serene and true.

salt lake city 14 may 2022

the sweetest smile

the sweetest smile
from this tiniest face
paints playful palettes
of gold and green
across my quiet soul

one look is all
appalling stealth and
wealth and leaving
artless deceptions dangling
in petulant wonder

for this, my lords and
ever torporous ladies
is what life really looks like
when languid you decry
the brightness of day

Me and my baby girl, Leona Mae

around and around

around and around she flew
over the well-trodden snow
giggling with such perfect zeal
such unrefined, unrestricted joy
that I found myself trembling inside
so very fortunate to be standing here
watching a child of mine experience
the finest truth of this being:
that to touch the world at its core—
to strive without pretence
to play without avarice
simply to live in this moment—
is to smile the biggest loveliest
smile that one is capable of

My beautiful baby girl playing in the first snowfall of this coming winter