once more

you might not think so but
time really does stop, doesn’t it,
i declared perhaps too vigorously
knowing that thoughts are precious

but what of it?

and not in a metaphorical sense
although it might strike one so
that seconds should silently collide
into one another like atoms

yes, just like that

crashing careening carelessly
as a populace hungry for love
or lust or lushly climbing gardens
only to—

get to the bloody point

okay, it’s like this: i looked up
just now, and there you were—again
your back to me, your hair matted
with sweat dripping down your neck

you know what I mean

and all I wanted was to reach for you
and lasciviously lick clean your skin
unchaste, unromantic, unpretentious
just you and me and our flesh

once more as one

Salt Lake City 20 Aug 2012