you, the heavens

not a day goes by when I
in keeping with habit formed
or more formal need succeed
in keeping to a gentle slumber

Lugh himself cannot outdo
my pace, lacing lingering droplets
of sun one to another to blanket
the sky with his burning dawn

there is alluring much to adore
in the heavenly shores that seed
the sky with shimmering stars
at night and ply the morning’s glow

yet in laying my head at last
to rest nested in the softest cushions
or in rising to begin another day
to play this needed role or that

it is neither Lugh’s brilliance
nor even the Night Queen Rhiannon
herself, whose illumined curves
admittedly I do longing admire

but you, beloved, who in innocence
enchant me, enthralling my heart
and spirit rising to sigh and sing
your name again and again and again

it is in sight of your glowing eyes
that Lugh’s morning hues are deepened,
it is with thoughts of your beauty
that Rhiannon’s majesty is restored

Salt Lake City 23 July 2022

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

ride me

bless me, equine Epona,
fairest divinity, Rhiannon,
goddess of the fairy fields
and of tender fertile glances,

make of me a stallion strong
straining at the brittle bit
fleshly nipping here and there,
baring myself, my soul to her

ride me, luaidh mo chèile,
ride this rigid striding beast,
your eager thighs clinging
to my proud flexing flanks

ride me delicious delighting
while your locks descending
veil your lips, as my mane
brushes the tips of your breasts

hold me, your hips pounding me
never concealing, this me pulsing
between your grasping legs
your fleshly pleasure begs

of you ever rising, flying hard
o’er Highlands sacred, past
Gleann Fhionnain to Loch Shiel
where ye weary rest at last

into the water ye plunge
to cool the hot aching core
of you wholly possessed
your skin now gently caressed

as I most pleased
and panting watch on,
ever eager for more

Salt Lake City 23 June 2022

Image by Pierre-André Doriot from Pixabay

man’s desire

fickle physician
magically mending
this wrinkled flesh
with angry sutures
scarring my skin
with knotted omens
enforcing mortality
drenched in brine
from one last plunge
into Manannan’s
tempestuous seas
so fiercely jealous
of the mad desire
this mortal inspires
in the pulsing heart
of Rhiannon fair
clutching the flanks
of her galloping steed

Salt Lake City 23 Dec 2012