i endure
taunted by tears
for a hope
and a nourishing voice
that chastises each sorrow

i return
undaunted by fears
to a hearth
and a gentle heart
that begets every morrow

i cultivate
in unpatterned tones
a copse of
copious sycamore figs
blessed by sweet Isis’ vision

i compose
in most patient tomes
a tale of
love’s fairest grace
embodied by Osiris arisen

Salt Lake City 22 Dec 2012


from deepest rooted earth
from blackened loamy soil
stretching skeletal interred
conversing somberly with
voracious worms churning
dirt and flesh and phantoms
have i serendipitous emerged
serenely culling cleansed
of wanton cares and pale
importuning wares worn
threadbare and sorrowful
mourning this sullen self
this ashen pointless pelt
of a man of limited means
dreaming of vivid scenes
praying ever brightly vital
for virtue’s brittle grace
longing still so eager for
Cliodhna’s beauteous face
pleading flesh and soul
abased for one last chance
to flee this barren bourn
and find redemption fair

Salt Lake City 27 Oct 2012