Richly revealing fantasies
canvas my thoughts of you,
brushing colors and textures
across so vibrantly woven
my adoration for only you.

Day by day my mind traces
tapestries of exotic splendor,
blending hopeful journeys
with passionate embraces
as our lives widely wander.

I see you and me, as we step
into the Mediterranean Sea
and lyrically laugh dancing
through the waves, playful
grasping gleeful at one another.

I see you luscious lying naked
before the fire in our cabin
in the Alps as I lingering kiss
coveting caresses nestling
across your glowing skin.

I see you wander the wonders
of time, of rising pyramids
and ruins of temples serene,
and mountains draping shadows
across emerald highland glens.

Yet at this moment, beloved,
what I wish for more than any
fantastically imagined dream
is just to lie beside distant you
and hold you gently, lovingly

and peacefully in my arms.

Salt Lake City 07 June 2022