this is who i am


with all that i have accomplished:

the workers i have exploited
the dreams i have destroyed
the forests i have burned
the cities i have bombed
the animals i have tortured
the people i have terrorized
the delusions i have inspired
the drugs i have sold
the limbs i have severed
the flesh i have flayed
the families i have crushed
the children i have raped

this is who i am


worship me

Salt Lake City 14 Nov 2012



twisting and turning and bound
in ruthlessly tormented knots

voices debating linguistic precision
while torn lips scream in silence

flesh consumed by carelessness
clawed by neglect and arrogance

bodies broken and bent beneath
the weight of his angry moans

she whimpers to gods grown deaf
and dumb and perfectly pointless

and though they stonily gaze
in deathly pallor, still they hear

still they see more than the eyes
of ignorant man, chafing at the bit

pitilessly craving brutal pleasure
peeling her skin, cracking her bones

driven by his lust to be feared—
such compulsion beggars belief

Salt Lake City 21 Aug 2012