How I miss the rain—
clouds laughing at the sun,
nourishing the world.

Rain drops dance in trees
soft and gentle and pristine.
Covetous I watch.

Wet leaves enfold me.
Petals pout in the shadows,
clinging to my hands.

Rain fondles my heart.
Hope caresses my laughter.
This moment is mine.


It was raining then,
soft and gentle and pristine.
Covetous I watched.

The sky enveloped me.
Petals pouted in the shadows.
Moisture clinging to my skin.

You spoke to me,
your voice fondling my heart.
Laughter tickling my hope.

Forever could I listen
knowing that you were all,
adorning every moment.

Raindrops caressed you,
and I watched enthralled.
Yes. This life is ours.

Laya at Windsor