I Sing Thy Name

how insanely quiescent
this self insensate seeming
while steaming beneath
layers of trembling flesh
nerves so tightly woven
that cloven hooves could
tearing trample across them
without breaking through

my lips ungraciously sealed
against secrets slipping
conveying untimely truths
when all I simply desire
is your name choir like
to bellow from the chastest
steeples of this salty city’s
mighty temple shimmering

would such an overly eager
announcement truly make
this bemusèd earth to tremble
the heavens to rage in protest
the streets their maws to open
and swallow innocuous crowds
of he and she who see only
what their own hearts desire

and even if that were so

would it really be

so much to ask

Salt Lake City 21 May 2012