a moon aflame

It is only now when I craving
close my eyes, sighing for
this brightly burning need of you,

my muse, my ever urgently
infusing illumination waxing
gloriously by the light of Serene,

presaging dark before dawn caressing,
plying your hands across my need,
pleading with me for pleasures more,

as probing moonbeams descend
from, my quiet, quivering love, you
exciting eddies over the waters

that warmly pulsing flow through me
from the very deepest source of most
sweetly trembling teasing you,

who, so insightfully imparting
deliciously these whispered moans
of moistly possessing passion,

draws from the dark a light
in me that seethes with desire
and fire and a moon ever aflame.

[Of moonbeams and the dark before dawn.]

My Moon Resplendent

Brightly lithesome she dances across the sky
my joyful lunar maid, my all
her winsome ways ever appalling the jealous sun
so somber and staid, and she
unwilling to stay his commanded course
playfully japes with a rhyme.

How haughtily he cringes, wincing at her smiles
her lips teasing in mirth
birthing yet another game to play, a song to sing
my jocund jesting one
testing the stodgy sun with each twirling reel
feeling fully alive and sublime.

“Do you know,” I ask, as she passes again
barely glancing down,
“how much I adore you, mo gealach àillidh
my fair fae one on high?”
“Then rise,” she says, treading the night
“and know the truth of time.”

congregation of toads

o, sweet mad steve
on a hallowed eve
bright bonnie blesses
wee toads in dresses
of red and sumptuous silk

with father’s fiddle
in hand he diddles
grand at croaking flocks
in laced slimy frocks
splashing in bowls of milk

“leap and croon”
he summons the moon
“now bow your head
to these toads in red”
says this priest less than wise

yet even he
as gleeful can be
has enough sense
to get him hence
ere the cruel sun should arise


an arrogant voice
incautiously piloted
this time-worn vessel
over most ambivalent
and turgid seas

sails grew angrily thin
while decks bowed
beneath the weight
of my hopelessly
misguided ambitions

no errant astrolabe
no compass contained
conducted my journey
beyond lonesome leagues
and indolent shores

i was the captain
of a pointless sorrow
i, the outraged hero
petulant and petty
to a remarkable fault

until the waters calmed
and the moon rose
casting a hopeful light
across the obsidian
world beneath me

and in each sparkle
in each tiny timid glow
trembling over the sea
i perceived something new
something brilliant

for you have illuminated
my darkening world
deftly lighting me true
to a life i had never
really known before

in your love, you see
am i resurgent, embracing
a hope and a laughing joy
once immensely distant
and utterly foreign to me

in your love
at long last
i am home


adoring he kneels
with ardour most bold
this druid of gaul
this frail priest of old

while chanting his prayers
he pleads a fine boon
worships in wonder
the soul of the moon

for years he has longed
to know her warm touch
still faithful he waits
ne’er asking so much

though seasons have passed
his voice has grown weak
his thoughts never stray
his eyes never seek

there is but one fear
that chastens his heart
the cold winter winds
that keep them apart

The shores of Mont St. Michel, France

the shores of le Mont Saint Michel, France

when summer came

i have seen these stars before
painted on too brittle walls
that wept when summer came
wept for the passing spring
fearing that this time of ours
would never come again

i have watched this moon before
illuminating the quiet night
while jealous stars circled
the vast heavens in dismay
tracing fading lines of finality
across the back of forever

i have knelt below the sun
beneath the finest domes
of tiles most intricately laid
echoing the oneness of god
while concealing the crudeness
of my unexamined soul

and when the year unhurried still
did finally pass into spring
i opened my heart once more
and danced beneath the trees
chanting to the fertile moon
who forgives my every sin

Çeşme Moon

along the coast of Çeşme, Türkiye

dance with me

my heart betrays me
refusing to mask
this glorious ardor
with a gentle calm
i simply do not possess

the banal demands
of a common life
are beyond me now
when all i can think of
is ever beguiling you

you may yet find me
laughing among the stars;
take my hand, beloved
and dance with me
across the silvery face

of the adoring moon

Salt Lake City 17 Mar 2013


you know, don’t you, how this feels
this madness of love so us entwining
wildly, i tell you with utter conviction

mad as a slyly grinning harried hatter
nattering of Christmas and of Carol
and slightly demented stuttering fellows

mad as a creamy moon fully draining
straining shyly behind a cloudless sky
muttering an endless succession of why

deranged as a stream driving backward
striving never to empty into the sea
deciding rather to scale Kilimanjaro

shrewd as a Tuesday that blinks on and off
from the setting sun to the farthest dawn
knowing absolutely that it is really a Friday

delirious as demons dancing delighted
in flights of fancy and prancing donkeys
dressed in the finest chiffon and tiaras

madness, i tell you with utter conviction
depicts the barest minimum this heart
is capable of so long as you are willing

to share this delusion
this delicious illusion
this blessed lunacy
forever with me

Salt Lake City 01 Dec 2012