this is who i am


with all that i have accomplished:

the workers i have exploited
the dreams i have destroyed
the forests i have burned
the cities i have bombed
the animals i have tortured
the people i have terrorized
the delusions i have inspired
the drugs i have sold
the limbs i have severed
the flesh i have flayed
the families i have crushed
the children i have raped

this is who i am


worship me

Salt Lake City 14 Nov 2012

the man i should have been

this flesh has no patience
for such petty hunger
resolving itself to spend
not a single moment
longer than is absolutely
necessary to satisfy
the egregious whims of
my unbearably craven
ego clawing at your
sweetly spoken spirit
forgive me my trespasses
but i quite simply lack
the heart of the man—
the man i should have been

Salt Lake City 14 Oct 2012

Man and Nature

is this your face swollen with mastic
your lethargic words imparting naught
your eyes half closed and dull as plastic
awaiting bugger all, you silly old sot

“one foot at a time” were wisdom indeed
for one impartially rooted in nothingness
forever lacking a goal, bereft of a creed
unimaginative even in what you confess

an electrical jolt might do you some good
though lobotomized your brain still resists
even the slightest defiant act that you could
have managed with feeble unclenchèd fists

I would fain offer you yet some guidance
to emancipate your overly stimulated soul
and release you from this intransigent trance
but I know you to find my words rather droll

so with your permission, in lieu of aught better
one thing I must say before my patience dies
should you ever break free of this fetid fetter
revisit at once your most interminable lies

strive to embrace what you must have known
in youth, in childhood, perhaps in the womb
a truth that was vibrant before you were grown
but now seems destined for naught but your tomb

that the world you inhabit and seek to ignore
is far older, wiser, and more lovelier than you
so open your eyes, man, and choose to adore
a miracle of motherhood, good, kind and true

Salt Lake City 14 May 2012

From Alpine Lake, California (1984)