She has only ever inspired me,
conspiring with such passion within me,
imbuing every inch of this flesh
with the keenest and cruelest desires.

And I, poor needful soul that I am,
have only ever clinging adored her,
imploring my baleful beloved Luna
for one night more in her arms.

Yet now, she peaks at me disdainfully
behind these distant dreamy clouds
allowing me nothing more than
the memories of her I desparately treasure.

Oh my dearest soul, mournfully
do I invoke you on bended knee,
bowing graciously, gravefully,
come to me, for you have made of me

truly a lunatic, completely unhinged,
ready to leap from this terrible height
if only for the impossible chance
of touching you one last time.


this madness

lies, lies, blatant lies!
raising his fists to the skies
indignant he cries

while out on the streets
he and she and we blether
outraged repugnance

incited by they
with incessantly whinging:
see what was stolen!

in callous caprice
lofty winds self-righteous rage
rending flesh from hope

the clock is ticking
step down from your pedestal
before we all die

congregation of toads

o, sweet mad steve
on a hallowed eve
bright bonnie blesses
wee toads in dresses
of red and sumptuous silk

with father’s fiddle
in hand he diddles
grand at croaking flocks
in laced slimy frocks
splashing in bowls of milk

“leap and croon”
he summons the moon
“now bow your head
to these toads in red”
says this priest less than wise

yet even he
as gleeful can be
has enough sense
to get him hence
ere the cruel sun should arise

does god sleep?

i do not believe god sleeps
not even on tuesday
she is far too busy being
just being
and after all
is really quite something
whether you’ve created yourself
or not
just being
on mondays
and fridays
and all through may
and with all that being
going on
how could she possibly
get even a wink of sleep—
close your eyes
just one little blink
and you’ve missed a millennium
of tuesdays

Salt Lake City 12 Apr 2013


you know, don’t you, how this feels
this madness of love so us entwining
wildly, i tell you with utter conviction

mad as a slyly grinning harried hatter
nattering of Christmas and of Carol
and slightly demented stuttering fellows

mad as a creamy moon fully draining
straining shyly behind a cloudless sky
muttering an endless succession of why

deranged as a stream driving backward
striving never to empty into the sea
deciding rather to scale Kilimanjaro

shrewd as a Tuesday that blinks on and off
from the setting sun to the farthest dawn
knowing absolutely that it is really a Friday

delirious as demons dancing delighted
in flights of fancy and prancing donkeys
dressed in the finest chiffon and tiaras

madness, i tell you with utter conviction
depicts the barest minimum this heart
is capable of so long as you are willing

to share this delusion
this delicious illusion
this blessed lunacy
forever with me

Salt Lake City 01 Dec 2012

Amorous Ravings of a Madman

If this be madness then quickly destroy the cursed cure
and hang that dunce of an apothecary from Galata Tower
for I would surely wish to spend each day of this brief life
madly in love with you, who weaves with finest silken strands
the words of wonder that adorn my vain and foolish heart,
were that life to be but a day or e’en ten thousand days.

Let madness reign throughout this cookie cutter realm
as the high church bells peel like tuxedoed croaking frogs
and majestic eagles like gallant guppies swim the twelve seas,
the first day of school shall be the last and the last the first
while pupils do their wizened professors knowingly instruct
in bodily arts and pretty pranks and how swans brawny belch.

We shall sleep in beds of cotton balls painted bright amber
our heads resting on pillows of tangerine tarts and lily seeds,
the sun shall rise in hues of green and set in brightest blue
and you and I shall intrepid pursue a fawn that daily dances
and sings the finest librettos in the softest soprano tones
while a gregarious sloth regales us with tales of solemn love.

My life as such it is has derived from careful considerations
and mental machinations that have tested the endurance
of even the sweetest of sirens who patiently await my demise,
so speak not to me of reason or painted paths so safely tread
the refuge of scholars and saints seeking shelter in normalcy
while I, an eager wanderer, long for just the right companion.

Salt Lake City 10 May 2012