Let Me Adore You

These imagined kisses are not enough, my love,
not nearly enough to quell the daunting clamor
of this heart, this flesh, this needful being
desperately longing for the warmest touch
of beloved you – these embraces effacing
the coldness of another day another night alone.

These overly wrought renditions of love meant
to further pale the complexion of shyest moon
swooning over ever slumbering Endymion.
And like Selene so deeply stirring, demuring
over the merest thought of you, fully formed
images of you that hopeful hold my heart.

This dreadful distance callously calling
words that wash over trembling timid me—
taunt me no more I cry despising this time.
Allow me rather to worship the wealth of you,
the richly rewarding moist core of you
dewy dripping your desire over my lips.

Lay before me, opening to my tongue
tracing laces down your blushing skin
as I whisper adoration across your breasts,
suckling each firm peak teasingly adored
before downward more I implore the hardening
bud of you between my worshipful lips.

Let me bury my face in the moist warmth
of you, my tongue licking longing lustfully
to taste ever deliciously you who nourishes life,
as hardened I hunger to plunge deeply within
breathing most passionate pleading prayers
across every inch of your sweetly pulsing flesh.

Speak, and allow this so ordinary yet daring man,
who strides anonymous through a world unknown,
to love you even more than words could craving say.

Salt Lake City 18 May 2022


is this sin?

is it really so sinful
to embrace this desire
this zealous fire that burns
brighter than ire dyed
in wholesome weavings

craving your touch
the much seeding sighs
that rise from your lips
as kneeling I kiss
your trembling thighs

release me from wrong
in this sensual song of you
youthful and alluring
seducing my aging soul
with your breathful moans

if this is sin then yes,
bless me with all you are
so far from this banal me
who clings to your arms
your breasts your soul


i know, it is not for me to say
save by the barest fault
of my conspicuous humanity
bowing before marble altars
embedded with fragile bone

these well disciplined affirmations
so bereft of honest intent
decree god’s hollow victory
more than divine declarations
and inflated parish rolls

in the aisles of kirks shuffling humbly
over carpeted mosques bowing modestly
yet sauntering through the streets
mulling over munificent gestures
mincing every well-advertised charity

while in tomb-like concealment
cementing these mortal bonds
degenerative organs frantically copulate
seething in copious want
moaning overzealous praise

the prophylactic vision of one
is surely as appalling
as the permissivity of the other—
together have you denuded passion
of its honest innocence

what answer can a man offer:
to hell with your fumbling chastisements
enough of your lascivious breath
bearing down on fearful hearts
stifling the harmony of flesh and soul

pressed against the well-worn tiles
within each house of god
the aching knees of submissive man
do bear far greater weight
than his heart ever has

Salt Lake City 03 Feb 2013

once more

you might not think so but
time really does stop, doesn’t it,
i declared perhaps too vigorously
knowing that thoughts are precious

but what of it?

and not in a metaphorical sense
although it might strike one so
that seconds should silently collide
into one another like atoms

yes, just like that

crashing careening carelessly
as a populace hungry for love
or lust or lushly climbing gardens
only to—

get to the bloody point

okay, it’s like this: i looked up
just now, and there you were—again
your back to me, your hair matted
with sweat dripping down your neck

you know what I mean

and all I wanted was to reach for you
and lasciviously lick clean your skin
unchaste, unromantic, unpretentious
just you and me and our flesh

once more as one

Salt Lake City 20 Aug 2012


Think you yet that I these bare verses do compose
whilst nearly swooning ‘neath sensuous sheets?
Nay, there is more of matter than of mischief in this
for one with eyes that yet may see beyond the dawn.

That which I do crave and fully acknowledge so
proceeds not from this common venial appetite,
from mere earthly desire to know thy earthy flesh
which tantalizes and torments this monkish brute.

I have yet a heart, you must know, which rises still
beyond the petty bounds of Eros inspired cupidity,
striving for that which cannot be so easily silenced
as seems your oft frigid companionship to achieve.

I am a man and capable at least of just so much
affection and need as any clinging barefaced lout
whose approaches you have so wantonly welcomed
bedded within the folds of your dismissive lust.

Enough of this game, most malicious mistress.
Be shut of me and I of you, and so enshrouded
in the malignant darkness that hastens between us
may I at last discover that elusive peace I do seek.

(Salt Lake City 28 Apr 2012)