my love for thee

There is a lovely tradition among Celtic and Scottish folk singers of a cappella love songs and ballads. I’ve never written a song before, let alone recorded myself singing one. But having experienced such profound love, I find my spirit striving for new ways of expressing what that feeling is like. And sometimes my poetry is not enough, does not … sing as I wish it to.

The style of this song I’ve adapted from the sweet “My Faithful Fond One.” My recording I have uploaded here: AUDIO And here are the words. I only hope this may touch her heart. As she has touched mine.

on one fine morn she’s greetin’
a man she’d fell be meetin’
though time itself be fleetin’
‘tis time enough for thee

feel fair these winds a blowin’
o’er hill and vale a flowin’
so fine these flowers a glowin’
full with my love for thee

I see thy arms unfoldin’
thy grace of life so golden
pray kiss my lips, embolden
my heart with love for thee

though winter clouds are loomin’
bare not your heart a gloomin’
our path with petals bloomin’
ripe with my love for thee

unfair this world be seemin’
but faithful hearts are gleamin’
with joy and hope is teamin’
this home of love for thee

Salt Lake City 05 Jun 2012

Flowers along the shore of Ildırı, Turkey (05 Jul 2010)