adoring he kneels
with ardour most bold
this druid of gaul
this frail priest of old

while chanting his prayers
he pleads a fine boon
worships in wonder
the soul of the moon

for years he has longed
to know her warm touch
still faithful he waits
ne’er asking so much

though seasons have passed
his voice has grown weak
his thoughts never stray
his eyes never seek

there is but one fear
that chastens his heart
the cold winter winds
that keep them apart

The shores of Mont St. Michel, France

the shores of le Mont Saint Michel, France

open seas

as the waves rose ever higher
i grasped the tiller hard and fast
and searched the waters behind
scanned the horizon beyond
apprehensive of what lay ahead
knowing no more of what awaited me
but only keenly feeling the fear
that clawed at my calloused skin
this angrily aching aging shell
of fury and doubt and distrust
that has so long imprisoned
my fervently frustrated soul

such is the make of a man unrefined
the mark of a man undefined
by clear and conscious reflection
that he would lean then on the tiller
and strive his vessel to return
as swiftly as may be to the haven
of his all too familiar native port
so far short of the goals he desired
of that to which he in earnest aspired
before the grasping need of years
before the deftly growing fears
his heart had cowardly overtaken

yet hearing then the voice of the wind
feeling then the outstretched limb
of time’s so fateful trembling
of time’s insatiable dissembling
pretending at truths beyond nature
preening colors grown too bold
by the coldly demeaning stature
of solitude and sorrow and death,
i stayed the course that i had chosen
craving the hope that dearest love
had to my soul imparted and never—
never will i look back again


uzaktan duydu yüreğim
yumuşak bir aryayı duydu
sakin bir sabahı andıran
doğal bir sesi duydu
ve bunu dinleyip uğraşıyordu

uzaktan gördü yüreğim
aydınlık bir umudu gördü
pırıl pırıl parlayan
gecenin ilk yıldızı gibi
ve ona bakıp uğraşıyordu

uzaktan sevdi yüreğim
o kadar güzel bir kadını sevdi ki
gece yalnızlığının soğukluğunu
defeden yeni doğan güneş gibi
ve onu isteyip uğraşıyordu


the day creeps wearily on
pretending most mindful deeds
the night hangs warily far
ignoring my simplest needs

mindful i borrow these times
endlessly counting the days
clumsily building these rhymes
born of my gray artless ways

i found in your tender lips
a nervous and jaded youth
yet sense in your eager touch
a boldness invoking truth

to hold you close in my arms
empowers my heart to soar
i long for the slightest kiss
of she whom i do adore

watching waiting

quietly watching
tensely breathing
sensually waiting
ever so hungry

the breath of water
stroking my wings
holding my being
watching waiting

the heavens calling
reaching restlessly
drawing me aloft
searching for you

always seeking
longing for you
for our moment
embracing flight

look at me, my love
watching waiting
look into my eyes
and tell me true

when only you
riding the wind
over sapphire rivers
have ever known

when only you
rooted in earth
rising through vines
have ever seen

tell me what burns
in my deepest heart
for only you
have ever known



i do remember even now
every bit of my beloved you—
i treasure beyond accounting
these vibrant memories of you
and of blissfully entangled us

and as i breathing indulge
my evocative thoughts of you
i taunted feel again so keenly
this lustful longing to hold you
touch you, taste you again

and were these much arid lands
that indifferent envelope us now
transformed into the green
and misty valleys of ancient alba
i would to you a shrine erect

and there by love instructed
among the unpainted stones
over dew drenched grass and
the untamed vines that cling
to the altar of my love for you—

there I would worship you
with my hopeful urging voice
my tightly trembling lips
my eagerly exploring hands
my thrusting engorgèd cock

with every touch and tone of me
in perfectly pagan rhythms
quite deliciously designed
i would you wholly adore—
my most sensual and sacred love


the third rock that i threw
frightened me most of all
the vehemence of it
the jagged waves rippling out
and in like fangs bared

and when the water grew still
on bended knee i peered within
and saw a sullen dwarf
babbling about babies and trees
with a lisp that tore my soul

i wept at the sight and sound
of my self so poorly patterned
that i could wander naked
through each day unseen, unheard
amusing to a fault