darkness only carves the light

He vies for some unnecessary sense
of recognition, of temporal attainment
before it is too late,

striving against need, thriving in light
that begets pain as pride gains prominence
over what remains of his injured soul.

In confusion he wails, zealously
rails against unready answers
and unacceptable truths.

How could the light deceive him
so completely, when meekly he mews
please please please,

I have learned all of your lessons,
I live in blessed acceptance of your light.
Why do I still not understand?

Why am I still so alone?

But how could he know—

having followed only the sun,
having held up light to the precious path
unto its finest illumination—

how could he possibly ken
that darkness only carves the light.


i am

i have been seen at last, known
and guided unerringly ashore
by the truest light of being

i have been touched by joy,
embraced by the finest peace
floating in the harmony of her

i have shed my years and become,
inspired by the dearest of souls
listening to our endless sighs

i am, and in this i finally know
so very much of life, of love
of home and hope and song

in this light i am known at last,
and in being known and loved
i am, and so is my life complete

Salt Lake City 20 Aug 2012

The Lighthouse at Santa Cruz, California

your lines

your lines contour the light
playing among the trees
shifting the leaves trembling

your lines shape the green
fleshing this fertile world
defining my pulsing passion

i wander your lines in awe
tracing them with my hands
my tongue teasing your warmth

how eagerly reddening your lips
answer this my nesting soul
needing ever your sweet song

your voice that calls my skin
climbing step by certain step
the joyful length of your lines

Santa Cruz 17 Aug 2012