without making a sound

this greyly patterned prayerful sky
pendulous above the shadowed trees
pleases me this morning, to be sure

it seeps life and care even while
it baleful stares soulful and sage
across this yet tumultuous land

and i muddy-headed and alone
mourn the passing of time as these
tremulous whispers wire my heart

however long the days, the years
imperious proceed, i unmanfully
remain, as every leaf, lie, star falls

without making a sound


yalanlar (“lies”)

bıraktım nihayet bu işi
uzaktan geldim sana

sonu görünmeyen yolda
kaybolmuş bir adam gibi

vardım, boşlukla dolu
ellerimi uzattım sana

yattın birden bu hasis acınla
hakkımı helal etmeden

kuru sesimle bağırdım
bu ağır sükûtunda sana

evde olsa, sokakta da
vadii hamuşanda dururken

kara kapanmış gözlerimle
bir daha bakıyordum sana

beyaz kefene sarılmış biri var
toprak tarafından kucaklanmış

ama sen değildin

dünyanın ucu uzundur
öyle demedin mi bana?

neden yalan söyledin?


I have at last abandoned this affair
and come to you from afar,

like a man who has lost his way
on a path that never seems to end.

I arrived and extended to you
my hands full of emptiness.

With this vile pain, you suddenly reclined
without asking for my blessing.

In a dry voice I shouted
at you in the heavy stillness.

Whether at home or in the streets
stopping in the valley of the silent ones,

with my eyes shrouded
I looked once more at you.

There was one wrapped in a winding sheet
embraced by the earth,

but it was not you…
or was it?

Hadn’t you told me that
the end of the world is long?

Why did you lie to me?

think for yourself

this was never about honesty
for in the temples and councils
deception is all too alluring a desire
for these men and women
who seek dominance over us all

this was never about truth
not when lies come closest to satisfying
the endless voracious appetites
of tyrants and war mongers
who throbbing pulse for power

this was never about you and me
for the guardians who tower tottering
in our nations’ decaying capitals
do not give a damn about the people
they so slavishly so blatantly despise

and no, this was never about God
for the repugnant pastors and preachers
who so lasciviously lay hands
on the golden child of their demented dreams
have never known God themselves

it is time you stopped obeying
the deceitful deranged demagogues
it is time you stopped listening to
the pathetic pretentious preachers

it is time for you at last
to think for yourself