one kiss

It was not alone the dubious humanity-denying
unicorn that proudly pointing adorns her shelf,
nor yet the unpretentiously playful patterns
that wholly unrestrained ranged gleefully across
the walls of her hearth and heart and home.

The carefully crafted colors mischievous sparkling,
the music that deftly swam through his thoughts,
the snow that fell on the streets outside as sighing
the wind whispered peaceful promises of hope
while lovers clutched one another ever more tightly.

No, what commanded his thoughts—most peculiarly
most incessantly as time drew on and the dawn
distant silently sullenly wondered why he stood
there still when night as yet a breathing broken rest
no comfort could him afford while the world slumbered—

was simply this: that as snow fell and melted below
and the stars grew dim and disappeared from view,
yet still he ever wakeful longed for the one thing
he lacked the courage to imploring seek despite
the eager urgings of his pleading plaintive heart:

a single kiss from her ever smiling lips.

İstanbul 20 December 2021


his tiny fingers enfold your heart
so effortlessly, being sung trembling
into being by your spirit undaunted
daring to soar blue and green and fine

i smile so at the truthful serenity
of this profoundly tendered warmth
how innocently giggling he wiggles
in your playful nurturing embrace

clever skin seals gracefully you two
imbuing bounty into every touch
every tickle every honest blissful laugh
promising eternity in one knowing kiss

Salt Lake City 05 Aug 2012