a message

Laya at Castlerigg stone circle outside Keswick, England

a message here
so we would imagine
or merely playing at eternity?

a chance to climb
to mime to speak with the past
and breathe a false druidic air

touching cold stones
snapping swiftly disseminated
photos while leaning against monuments

a message lost
too often misinterpreted
when wrapped in selfish longing

say what you will
but our ancestors were not
messaging you or me or any else besides

and that is rightly so
for my heart bathes these stones
in cadences of wishful aspiration

we see not what is
but what we long to be
and that is what binds us to forever


silent hope

a stony breath
bereft of eager life
bequeaths eternity
upon the trembling soul
of this lone child
taken all too soon
from the shores
of derwent water
where once she roamed
full of wonder
and whispering ever
of tomorrow’s
silent hope

2015.05.24 Keswick 037

From the kirkyard of St John Church in Keswick, Lake District