how to speak

I have clung to this world, this life
with such indulgent determination,
relishing religiously the certainty
that it was meant for me and I for it.

I composed verses even in youth
although intent on teasing forth far
more than admiration from fairest
a lass I had only naively adored.

Words wound through me truly
tempting taut a mild milkweed
of a man who barely understood
pain any more fully than pleasure.

I chased the fae around the world,
wailing in my misfortunes and
climactically moaning all too severely,
like a player on a soiled stage.

I adored life with all its ambiguities.
I lusted after anonymous lovers
in the guise of a noble companion
with words borrowed from the Bard.

Yet the closest I have ever come
to unfettered unadorned passion
has been while standing naked
beneath boldly Brighid’s gaze.

Insensate now these pillars of my past
innumerably cluttering dusty drawers—
I will have no more of them, of this
persistently pointless pattering,

for inspired by you, my dear friend,
have I finally learned how to speak.

İstanbul 22 December 2021


poetry upon water

your words ripple
effortlessly across
my soul soothing
wounds left too long
unhealed and seething
bloody anguish
glistening until
the next wave rolls in
releasing me from
an angry past
at last, aye, at last
serenity cleansing
my all too eager
profanity preferring
instead to lay my
head upon these sands
and allow your words
to wash over me
once more like
poetry upon water

[gratefully inspired by the humbly brilliant David ben Alexander at ]

Enjoying the sand and waves just down the hill from where I once lived in Turkey (2011).