forever free

how deceptive it can seem
these voices raised passionately
persistently clamoring to be heard
yet by nature ephemeral always
the sound fading all too quickly
the words falling like flakes
of snow melting into the pavement
another day goes swiftly by
another month another year
time plods on plowing under
the once forceful hopeful
aspirations expressed by these
our eager needful voices

but know ye this

our most truthful desire survives
in striving form not just of word
but of most courageous deed
for that is the backbone of us
actions that ensure the reverent
willful life of this national hope
actions that define this people
as strong and sure and right
actions that stand against
the appalling avarice of others
and so may the ages honest verify
the beating heart of this nation
in word and deed to be forever free