feed me

The growl that emanates from your throat
is hardly one of anger, I know,

for I sense the heat rising from your skin
and feel the tremors within me,

a trembling excited by this increasing need,
this feeding frenzy of ours.

Oh, be this ever enticing precisely prowling you,
carve your desire into my bare chest,

even as your words scorch my nascent soul
with new life that others fear.

Every day I am yours, wandering the streets
sweating across the sheets

of a once barren bed, bereaved yet reborn
beyond the scorn of heedless loss.

Tease me erect, grasping your hand firmly
around me, urging my pleasure.

For this moment has been one preying intent
above all else and all other need—

that you climb over my eager hungry mouth
and, my glorious love, feed me!

the man i should have been

this flesh has no patience
for such petty hunger
resolving itself to spend
not a single moment
longer than is absolutely
necessary to satisfy
the egregious whims of
my unbearably craven
ego clawing at your
sweetly spoken spirit
forgive me my trespasses
but i quite simply lack
the heart of the man—
the man i should have been

Salt Lake City 14 Oct 2012