unexpected hope

There is much in her to admire,
much to inspire me with hope
and healing heartful ambition.

And yet what truly astounds me
as around me the world persists
in twisting tormented indifference—

as not a single day goes by free of
the stilted roles feigningly performed
by manacled souls mouthing vows—

is that there is no falsehood in her
nor even taint of ungracious craving,
no cruelty nor malicious ignorance.

She is of all things the most honest,
most endearing darling soul I have
encountered in such a long long time.

And for the simple
knowing of her I am
so very grateful.

Salt Lake City 20 May 2022

song of love

There is an eloquence in love
that dove-like soars lofty and true,
strive as we might to capture it,
to entrap it tattered like a pinned
butterfly morbid in its lost beauty.

I have known as many have
what it is like to shrivel dessicated
beneath an angry sun, sullenly
grasping at a hope that rose so far
beyond my weary withering limbs.

Yet even that pain is purposeful,
pursuing a being that meaningfully
rips away the pins that prickly bind,
the mortar that your broken heart
to a man unworthy did cement.

Freedom is more than the cracking
of shackles that deny our steps,
more than the ruin of fetid fears
that leave us impotent and scarred,
abandoned by enervating doubt.

Freedom is the expansion of the heart
imparting a kindness and ageless beauty
that ascends beyond the darkest past,
casting glorious a light that brightly
each sound, each flowing color imbues

with a hue and hope
my voice longs
to forever sing.

salt lake city 19 may 2022

Image by Schwoaze from Pixabay


I am likely not as clever
as some people assume.

The degrees I have collected
are evidence of commitment
rather than any intelligence,
for if I were really so astute,
then why have I stumbled
so often through these years
as if incapable of learning
from my abundant mistakes?

I have indeed lived a full life:
have sired beautiful children,
acquired multiple languages,
and lived in several countries.
I have seen my books published
hosted a show on television,
and composed more poems
than anyone should ever endure.

I have been places and seen
things that evoke envy in others.
And yet, beyond the superficial
glamor of it all, I have failed
time and again to recognize
and honor the value of truth
or to embrace the unconstructed
beauty of an honest love.

Which is perhaps why now
when all else is said and done
my soul can stand thus naked
beneath the sun and unfettered
declare in a voice quiet yet keen:
I am a fool and have always been.
Yet let not my mistakes define me,
but my eagerness to learn from them,

and to open
my heart, beloved,
to you.

Salt Lake City 16 May 2022


The enormity of words
is so oft forgotten, he said,
buried beneath the banalities
of an unremarkable life,
and yet it is through speech
through voice, that I find
an incomparable strength
an unimaginable vitality
in the simplest acts of being.

I have listened to you
with the utmost attention,
to your sweetly spoken and
every whispered word, and
I know that you doubt this,
but there is in your voice
a truth that reaches deeply
inside this me and caresses
my depleted soul back to life.

Your words impress patterns
on a moment unexpected.
My words beggar disbelief,
I know, as no one could possibly
accept their veracity, so swiftly
felt and so zealously conveyed.
And yet they are the truth,
so I offer them to you without
any expectation of return.

Rather I say them now
so that you may know
how wonderful you are:

I love you. And I hope
that some wondrous day
you may feel the same.

just one word

with just one word, you
so truly now undo me
unraveling simply
my rapturous needs
to happy reveal a heart
of fervently beating
and pulsing measures
treasuring the very
ardent sound of you,
moaning my earnest soul
as if you had forever
known thus keenly me

with just one word, you
cajole my trembling lips
to linger honeyed over
the sweetest taste of you
opening, my tongue
exploring the shadows
of your thighs, caressing
perfectly unpatterned you,
who with nothing more
than a single whispered word
can coax my aging flesh
so firmly to rise within you

with just one word, you
trembling with brazen bearing
sharing all of hidden you
caring for naught else
than these my fingers
teasing tensing within you
wetly exploring, adoring
my darling you whose
tremulous voice implores
my needing arms to envelop you
my lips to kiss moistly you
my heart to beat your name

and all because of just one
word that flame like flickers
across my soul, sealing
my heart with honest hope

salt lake city 12 may 2022


I listened from a great distance.
Yes truly. Yet time unconcerned
vanished in mere moments
of hearing her captivating voice.
But I felt nothing of that space
weighing down upon me,
as I was sure it must have done.
Rather, it was as if she were here
beside me, her hand in mine,
her warmth imbuing each moment
with the sweetest tenderness.

I looked at the somber mountains
surrounding this arid valley
and saw them gleeful glimmer
as they had not done in ages.
I breathed in the once stale air,
allowed it to course through me
filling my lungs with vigor,
and felt immediately refreshed.
I listened to my heart beating
with a youthful vitality that I
thought had long since dissipated.

Each word she spoke touched
my once sorrowful soul
like a beloved song, like a
primal prayer, as if somehow
they had been enchanted.
En. Chant. Yes. That was it.
For there is indeed a magic,
an enchantment in the spoken word
that humanity has long attended.
As have I. So have we all. As
beyond the illusions resides a truth.

I listened enraptured.
And in her voice
I perceived serenity
and a joyful hope
beyond measure.

salt lake city 07 may 2022


it was first when her eyes I saw
that raw this heart so reelingly
rent did draw together at last

and past the steely gaze of winter,
spring emerged once more
opening a door to timid hope

they are green, I thought, her eyes
and meaningfully companioned
by a forest of sighing trees

their leaves expanding playful
needful, waving gleefully
at eyes that most knowing see

the beauty of the moon,
who blesses this zestful air
I breathe with pleasing joy

but more, much more resides
in those waves of green that truly
beckon forth a once weary heart

the leaves dance in the breeze
and the moon whispers a gentle
tune while stars caress the night

and at that moment, that gentle
moment, my thoughts ascend
excitedly to this she who flies afar

even as I emboldened imagine
just how soft, how warm would be
the touch of her loving lips

salt lake city 06 May 2022

her smile

There is a tenderness about the night
a gentleness of the heart and hearth,
a craving for home and a warmth
that belies the still and willful winter air.

The moon knows this, and dipping
drowsily down around each
eagerly lifting fairy sweetly blesses
with lessening sorrows this simple man.

Night was when I first spied the spryly
playful image of her, a smile both
sumptuous and serene as keenly
I cast my glance about most beauteous she.

Had I time enough this exquisite maiden
to describe, still my words could not suffice,
for in her eyes I glimpsed more than
sweetness, but the tones of eternity itself.

I stared and stared and still my spirit
could not find respite from this need,
this pleading ponderous rooted being
that grows so to-ing and fro-ing within.

For have I not sought this delicious truth
for so many years, tearfully laughingly
dancing through a life that was at best
incomplete … until this soulful she

with teasing crimson curling locks
and a smile that sang of hearth and heart
and hope drew me passionately forth,
for in the night is a gentleness I shall never forget

and a voice that beckons me home.

Salt Lake City 09 February 2022


The ghost of spring wanders here,
aimless and anxious and waiting
to be reborn in small immaculate petals.

With tiny timid steps it traverses
winter’s indifferent graying skies
longing to repaint the world verdurous.

How lithely it will bend itself to the task,
its eager fingers caressing these hills,
birthing blues and greens and such blessings.

I watch, and everywhere I go here,
each trembling step I take into this winter,
I see you—the very image of spring!

For in you fecund hope finds a wondrous home.
In you is life and laughter without equal,
and a beauty that deftly reaches beyond time.

Winter in Göreme, Turkey (Nov 2021)


there are strands of time
that are effortless to follow
as they wrap themselves gently
meaningfully around my heart
tugging teasing me forward
to discover in the midst of all
that is common around me
that which is truly majestic

those moments now bid me pause
and wonder at the pleasure
of far more than a memory
but an enduring vision of sensual
you in summer enchanted,
like the kiss of a sunlit day
blessed by the barest glimpse
of the eager adoring moon