Brigid to the Aging Lover

says he to his beloved:

the wind doth blaw the day, my love
a few wee drops o’ rain
the leaves lash at the branches above
the winds whip a refrain

the warld whirls ambitious an’ gray
the muin fimmers a beat
the stars nae langer reel for the day
the gods abandon thair seat

says Brigid in response:

yet in this maist tempestuous time
yer mind turns e’er tae she
memories of her sae sweet, sublime
wi’ howp yer hert set free

sae dance nou the day in colours fair
a sang yer saul tae grace
in sorrow cry nae mair, nae mair
lat jey yer life embrace

says he to his beloved:

the wind does blow today, my love
a few small drops of rain
the leaves lash at the branches above
the winds whip a refrain

the world whirls ambitious and gray
the moon skips a beat
the stars no longer reel for the day
the gods abandon their seat

says Brigit in response:

yet in this most tempestuous time
your mind turns ever to she
memories of her so sweet, sublime
with hope your heart set free

so dance now the day in colors fair
a song your soul to grace
in sorrow cry no more, no more
let joy your life embrace

Salt Lake City 24 Aug 2022


the fairy

The strand so white stretched on and on
as gentlest waves did trace the shore,
the finely settling, cradling sand
beckoned him take just one step more.

A boat lingered bobbing in the bay
parading colors presented most fair,
the captain tight-lipped and tall
threw up a hand to wave him there.

Glancing back he saw the steed
still edging away, eager to run,
whinnying to the hopeful breeze,
anxious to race the setting sun.

It was then he spied beautiful she
glowing among the ancient trees,
and the adoring look on her face
made him rise up from his knees.

Once weary and wan, he smiled now,
as his steps became strong and sure,
finding truth amidst the forest clear
how a heart despised can yet endure.


something I would say
and yet daily delay despite
how eagerly I would have
her know this too, this
most hopeful thought
that dearly dawns my day
and touching stays with me
night after gentle night

something that reflects
a meaningful seeking,
a desirous peeking past
words once spoken, words
of solitary ambition—
an intention of only me
leaving a life behind
to explore on my own

and yet, that is not me,
not now, for in loving her
am I become enamored
of something far greater
than a residual pleading me,
you see, I long for more
for something finer, fuller
for a much brighter being

seeing and sweetly feeling
this she whom I adore,
I desire more than a once
solitary existence emphatic
in my freedom to explore
unbounded dreams over
mountain streams, wandering
glens and forests unfettered

I can neither imagine nor
again aspire to travel this world
as me – simple selfish me –
but as us, a word that conveys
far more significance than
any other syllable could, being
at once an expression of truth and
a magically inspiring journey

Salt Lake City 10 July 2022

Image by pierreborgen44 from Pixabay

when she speaks

my heart sings, yet sometimes
weeps for the dawning truth
of the life she has lived
giving generously of gracious
her, enduring so much the ills
thrust upon her by selfish others

when she speaks

my spirit playfully laughs
mapping out moments of
sheerest joy that gleefully toy
with the bounds of feeling,
peeling away layer by layers
the loss, uncertainty and mere age

tonight I will sleep embraced
by memories of her and awaken
desperate my love to meet again,
I will sigh at the memory of her
every crimson touch, and will melt
as her fears dissolve in our heat

I listen and rise, soaring gently
over mountains, ascending flesh
in flesh as we flow with the sea,
tasting oceans of merriment and hope
despite the ignorance I had dwelt within
naïvely thinking my life to be done

when she speaks, I know so surely
that this world is ours to compose
with every breath she inspires in me
when she speaks, I discover truth
in the tiniest drop of sun that alights
on the wing of the smallest ladybird

Salt Lake City 11 June 2022

Image by Nimrod Oren from Pixabay

the past

We abide our histories,
our most personal mysteries
sifting critically through them
for fear of what others might think
of us in the brightening light of day.

We deride our indiscretions,
our unfavorable transgressions
as impressions we fear will mark
our darkling past as unforgiveable
to those who may our hearts convey.

But as I eager explore
the shores of her years,
fearlessly following her steps
from age to age, from grace to grace,
I discover naught but hope and happiness.

I feel no angry anxiety
in learning about my love,
no cause for dread or far less
for impertinent or bare malicious
judgment of her, but rather respect,

and the utmost regard
for the incredible person
she has enduringly become:
a woman of finest beauty and
refined demeanor and rarest vision.

I have as much cause to admire her
as I do to quite honestly adore her.

Salt Lake City 05 June 2022


layers innumerable peeled gently
sometimes timidly, circumspectly
away before me reveal the painful,
the pleasurable, the eager and awful,
and the precarious steps you have
taken to navigate through them all

layer by layer, step by step

i am sure that in their exposition
there have been moments of fear—
will he remain, or will he flee—
yet these discoveries so much less
than intimidate, or impossibly disgust;
rather they nourish my hopeful heart

beat by beat, moment by moment

for in their revelation i perceive
so sadly sweetly even tearfully
signs of knowing emboldened by
indomitable you, and in their telling
i hear your years and i loving wonder
at the gentle beauty you ever convey

Salt Lake City 27 May 2022

unexpected hope

There is much in her to admire,
much to inspire me with hope
and healing heartful ambition.

And yet what truly astounds me
as around me the world persists
in twisting tormented indifference—

as not a single day goes by free of
the stilted roles feigningly performed
by manacled souls mouthing vows—

is that there is no falsehood in her
nor even taint of ungracious craving,
no cruelty nor malicious ignorance.

She is of all things the most honest,
most endearing darling soul I have
encountered in such a long long time.

And for the simple
knowing of her I am
so very grateful.

Salt Lake City 20 May 2022

song of love

There is an eloquence in love
that dove-like soars lofty and true,
strive as we might to capture it,
to entrap it tattered like a pinned
butterfly morbid in its lost beauty.

I have known as many have
what it is like to shrivel dessicated
beneath an angry sun, sullenly
grasping at a hope that rose so far
beyond my weary withering limbs.

Yet even that pain is purposeful,
pursuing a being that meaningfully
rips away the pins that prickly bind,
the mortar that your broken heart
to a man unworthy did cement.

Freedom is more than the cracking
of shackles that deny our steps,
more than the ruin of fetid fears
that leave us impotent and scarred,
abandoned by enervating doubt.

Freedom is the expansion of the heart
imparting a kindness and ageless beauty
that ascends beyond the darkest past,
casting glorious a light that brightly
each sound, each flowing color imbues

with a hue and hope
my voice longs
to forever sing.

salt lake city 19 may 2022

Image by Schwoaze from Pixabay


I am likely not as clever
as some people assume.

The degrees I have collected
are evidence of commitment
rather than any intelligence,
for if I were really so astute,
then why have I stumbled
so often through these years
as if incapable of learning
from my abundant mistakes?

I have indeed lived a full life:
have sired beautiful children,
acquired multiple languages,
and lived in several countries.
I have seen my books published
hosted a show on television,
and composed more poems
than anyone should ever endure.

I have been places and seen
things that evoke envy in others.
And yet, beyond the superficial
glamor of it all, I have failed
time and again to recognize
and honor the value of truth
or to embrace the unconstructed
beauty of an honest love.

Which is perhaps why now
when all else is said and done
my soul can stand thus naked
beneath the sun and unfettered
declare in a voice quiet yet keen:
I am a fool and have always been.
Yet let not my mistakes define me,
but my eagerness to learn from them,

and to open
my heart, beloved,
to you.

Salt Lake City 16 May 2022


The enormity of words
is so oft forgotten, he said,
buried beneath the banalities
of an unremarkable life,
and yet it is through speech
through voice, that I find
an incomparable strength
an unimaginable vitality
in the simplest acts of being.

I have listened to you
with the utmost attention,
to your sweetly spoken and
every whispered word, and
I know that you doubt this,
but there is in your voice
a truth that reaches deeply
inside this me and caresses
my depleted soul back to life.

Your words impress patterns
on a moment unexpected.
My words beggar disbelief,
I know, as no one could possibly
accept their veracity, so swiftly
felt and so zealously conveyed.
And yet they are the truth,
so I offer them to you without
any expectation of return.

Rather I say them now
so that you may know
how wonderful you are:

I love you. And I hope
that some wondrous day
you may feel the same.