Inbhir Nis (“Inverness”)

we did nae see the monster
but of course, we were nae expecting to

Loch Ness was simply a site
we had tae see, monster or no

we wandered the kirkyard of St Stephen’s
crying names frae centuries past

peering through cracks in the stanes
tracing fingers along the Celtic crosses

we indulged in the increasingly traditional fare
of pizza an’ the best Indian food we’d ever had

an’ of course we rode aroon the loch
an’ visited cairns an’ castles grand

the sun did nae appear oft, no much
an’ e’en that was tae be expected

aye, the chill was there to tame us
an’ the road north to John o’ Groats beckoned

but for a few days I could wish for
nothing more than the roads of Inverness

an’ the certain knowledge that
whate’er else besides might await me

I was home again at last in Scotland
an’ the Highlands were ey mine

the wisdom of stones

no, you speak not a word to me,
not a sound comes forth
beyond your suggestive silence

without pattern or pretence
defensive you stand,
solemn sentinel of centuries past

the wisdom of ancient stone
is broadsome and bold
molding the land into clans

shaping history with mysteries
untold and untoward
whispered by simpering spirits

who demand, why are you here
what beckons you thus
unencumbered by all that we have seen

I fall to my knees, pleased to bow,
for all that I am derives
my dearly departed, from you

the Grey Cairns of Camster, the Highlands (May 2015)


divine Epona, fairest deity
Rhiannon of the fairy fields
and of tender fertile glances
oh you maighdeann brèagha
as you ride this rigid beast
your eager thighs clinging
to his proud flexing flanks
your long undelighted hair
a scarlet veil his manhood
barely concealing, pulsing
between your grasping legs
his anxious burning breath
your fleshly pleasure begs
as you ready ride, ever rising
flying hard o’er highlands
skirting Gleann Raineach
to the loch where ye weary
rest at last, and breast bared
into the water you plunge
to cool the aching core
of you wholly possessed
your skin gently caressed
yet pleading ever for more

Salt Lake City 13 Nov 2012