the stars

ask not the stars
for their track
time trimmingly told
has naught to do
with ever this

nor bother the moon
whose gentle graces
once bestowed
can never be withdrawn
before the tolling bells

it is but the will
of weary petulant
man that banishes
innocence and
tarnishes truth

ask not the stars
oblivious sailing
across the heavens
for their journey
can never be yours

heaven’s touch

i remember many things
about her and the vision
she has inspired in my soul
but this thought especially
comes clearly to my mind
now as i look above me into
these grayly looming skies
as i glance down below me
and cringe at these gray streets

this memory i will treasure
of her, how her very smile
paints the scattered skies
in such sweetly singing sighs
and playfully billowing blues,
her gentle touch twirling
the softest clouds above me
like cream so deliciously
whipped into luscious foam

i remember those days sitting
beneath the wisteria leaves
peering into their midst
adoring their endless green,
shade after dancing shade
of deeply vernal journeys
all composed by her words
drawn over a barren canvas
by her most fertile heart

being weak as i know myself
to be, i cling to these thoughts
seeking shelter in her love
deriving hope from her eyes
finding solace in her smile
her whispers dispelling even
the darkest shadows that
greedily swallow the breath
of heaven’s purest touch

in the light of her smile

my path is clear

Salt Lake City 29 Nov 2012