just one word

with just one word, you
so truly now undo me
unraveling simply
my rapturous needs
to happy reveal a heart
of fervently beating
and pulsing measures
treasuring the very
ardent sound of you,
moaning my earnest soul
as if you had forever
known thus keenly me

with just one word, you
cajole my trembling lips
to linger honeyed over
the sweetest taste of you
opening, my tongue
exploring the shadows
of your thighs, caressing
perfectly unpatterned you,
who with nothing more
than a single whispered word
can coax my aging flesh
so firmly to rise within you

with just one word, you
trembling with brazen bearing
sharing all of hidden you
caring for naught else
than these my fingers
teasing tensing within you
wetly exploring, adoring
my darling you whose
tremulous voice implores
my needing arms to envelop you
my lips to kiss moistly you
my heart to beat your name

and all because of just one
word that flame like flickers
across my soul, sealing
my heart with honest hope

salt lake city 12 may 2022


your heart

have you heard
how your heart beats
have you felt its insistence
felt its persistent pleading
trembling the needing flesh
you press against me

there is a voice
i more than hearing feel
peeling back the layers
of aging bark blanketing
the tallest trees rising
over the Santa Cruz mountains

there is a voice
that shimmering hums
strumming the seeding vines
the sweetly tumbling lines
of coolest winter snow
urgently flowing in the spring

there is a voice
deep in the knowing earth
that growing celebrates hope
and hearth and ever home
and never dares abandon
the fervent heart of you

that even now beats
across the breathing
of my skin


these words are not mine
that singe the yielding skin
of your breasts your neck
your ears hungrily hearing
some other voice than mine

surely these lips are not mine
that slide over your silky throat
so salty quivering, tongued
more than toothful blending
love with furious desire

nor are these hands mine
that even now around your neck
insistent linger clinging
wringing that you screaming
beg for desperate release

whose thoughts are these
that pleading ply such needing
over this skin that once
was mine but now shrouds
a dignity shredding beast

no answer worthy of him
whom once i thought myself to be
could perceiving read these creases
along my face as i trembling
release myself into you

and yet the growl that claws
its way from out this throat
expresses keenly the wolf
once chained within—yes—me
and being freed at last, at last

must forever penetrate the depths
of you, explore the burning flesh
of you, grasping your tangled hair
licking, tasting, needing always
to devour, my beloved, you

the man i should have been

this flesh has no patience
for such petty hunger
resolving itself to spend
not a single moment
longer than is absolutely
necessary to satisfy
the egregious whims of
my unbearably craven
ego clawing at your
sweetly spoken spirit
forgive me my trespasses
but i quite simply lack
the heart of the man—
the man i should have been

Salt Lake City 14 Oct 2012


when my thoughts of their own accord
as is so oft the path they do assume
to moments of you and me ascend
then so happy am I again to behold
the vast uninstructed beauty of you
intimately reveling in my eager touch

my lips my tongue fervent tasting
keenly craving your flowing warmth
my hands exploring tender the textures
of your flesh, sliding slowly seamlessly
across your hips your trembling legs
finding needily your welcoming breasts

these living memories inspire me
reviving vivid the once embittered
hopes of me clinging now so joyful
to every moment of you, every tone
of the voice of you that enchants me
passionately pursuing me back to life

Salt Lake City 10 Sep 2012

once more

you might not think so but
time really does stop, doesn’t it,
i declared perhaps too vigorously
knowing that thoughts are precious

but what of it?

and not in a metaphorical sense
although it might strike one so
that seconds should silently collide
into one another like atoms

yes, just like that

crashing careening carelessly
as a populace hungry for love
or lust or lushly climbing gardens
only to—

get to the bloody point

okay, it’s like this: i looked up
just now, and there you were—again
your back to me, your hair matted
with sweat dripping down your neck

you know what I mean

and all I wanted was to reach for you
and lasciviously lick clean your skin
unchaste, unromantic, unpretentious
just you and me and our flesh

once more as one

Salt Lake City 20 Aug 2012