your eyes

your eyes incite me
igniting my will to
most hopeful wonder
quite deftly redefining
this cumbersome life
torn bitterly asunder
this harshest soul that
blunders through time
like a beggar most blind
lost and uncertain
yet arrogant to a fault
’til somehow you—
just, my darling, you—
brought me together
uniting my then and now
tying my clumsy words
to a meaningful grace
lifting my ashen face
to welcome the moon
raising my heavy limbs
to embrace the stars
inspiring my sullen flesh
to dance ’til the dawn
your eyes thus guide me
your eyes invite me
to be, to truly be


your eyes

gardens blossom in your eyes:
the earth rolls along hills
and forever valleys pregnant
with crisp mountain streams that
trickle and flow and team while
colors dance prancing in your eyes
greenly beguiling my thoughts
painting my desires in silvering blue.
when i look into your eyes—
when i peer across the infinite
horizon of your blues and greens
and gleaming dreams of love
and needful scenes bestowing
space and time and waterfalls
across my every expectant glance—
when i look into your eyes, my love,
my heart trembles with hope

Your Eyes

my years forbid me from petty preclusions
from asphyxiating assumptions of what must be,
each immaculate day teases me with wonders
i have still to see, of journeys not yet taken

pretentious i have been and must acknowledge
still to suffer from delusions of self-importance
dallying in near endless fields of fertile illusion
while stroking my ego to heights of ecstasy

but this much i have learned and gladly impart
that however brittle the days gone by have been
and how determined their being in we persists
there are yet an abundance of tomorrows for us

it is to these that i my vision impatiently incline
and do perceiving grasp at glimpses and glances
of me cherry cheeked timid tarrying at your feet
caressing the lithe limbs of your arboreous soul

in you am i nested, in you a home i tearful find
for so great this gratitude i bear unto you who
have borne me beyond my bare insipid self
to explore worlds in the ebony depths of your eyes

Salt Lake City 16 May 2012