my heavenly love

my eyes trace the sky’s silently
settling over the careless ridge
of the range of these mountains
that massively surround me

and i wonder: do the mountains
rise up to the sky or do the heavens
descend to rest so precariously
along this unevenly spiny ridge

the pharaohs unquestioningly knew
the starry mother of mighty Osiris
draped her body over earthen Geb
eager to caress every inch of him

and so too do i envision you, my love,
teasing tempting above my repose
as I long for you to craving cover me
with your arms, your legs, your lips

kissing awake every inch of my flesh
drawing my heated hardening need
to push flowing moaningly within,
filling you deeply with more than

just my naked desire

Salt Lake City 10 June 2022

From the Funerary Papyrus of Tameni, depicting the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut. Egypt. (c. 1069-525 BCE). (Courtesy of the British Museum)

affirmed in you

I have discovered so much in you,
have been discovered by you in ways
that my days have never known
as my spirit soars enraptured.

Within most ardent dreams
a joyful song we now compose
of me and you perpetually
prizing sighs so keenly felt.

I delight in the sweet melody
of your flesh, your breasts,
hungrily submitting myself
to your avid enchanting touch.

Come breath with me sultry
as my hands your legs part and
my tongue your essence tastes,
lapping at your hidden warmth.

Your voice vivid purring prays
my flesh impatient and firm
to channel your pulsing rhythms
implanting impassioned me into you.

The wetness of your moans chants
me whole as soulful and swelling
melding I with your rising and falling
my hands your hips sweating seize,

to please your darkened fervent lips
while whispering red across your
luminous skin solicitous I tremble
teasing acquisitive your longing.

Boldly do I stare into your eyes
exploring the depths of your pleasure,
imploring your heart so expressive
to envision enflamed this union.

In loving you
am I inspired beyond words.
In loving you
am I quite endlessly affirmed.

Salt Lake City 06 June 2022

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

in her arms

She lay there beneath me
sighing the night’s graces
with shallow breaths that
melted my finest intent,
desiring only to delight so
magnificent this woman
clinging to my thrusting hips
singing soulfully her pleasure
as measure by measure she
pulled me deeper within
even as she rose up to meet me.

I was enthralled by her flesh
enveloping the length of me
compelling so very tightly
me to pulsing push firmly
within, withholding nothing
from her guiding hands or
her so passionate embrace,
as her lips whispered longings
and her tongue eager explored
my mouth, moving me to moan
from the delicious taste of her.

I have pleasure known in my life,
yet never had I felt so adored
and whole as I did those nights
rapturous in the arms of my love.

Salt Lake City 04 June 2022

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pixabay

when words fail

These words are my life-long labor—
my most finely-tempered tools
expressing me in the only way
I have ever truly known myself
to wittingly and willingly be.

And yet there have been times
when even they have failed me,
leaving uningenious me struggling
to freely convey the necessary ideas
of a most needful moment in time.

But not this. No, not with you.

For there too are times when words
are utterly and unashamedly feeble
bleeding over pages balefully aware
that no care, no leveraging can express
what truly needs to be said. To you.

For when your body lay before me
glorious and glowingly golden,
your breasts rising and falling,
your flesh flowering beneath my touch,
your legs spreading timidly beneath me,

the only words that mattered—
the only language most eagerly I
could derive from any aspect of me
was the devotion keenly conceived
along the warmest form of my tongue,

tracing the length of your nether lips,
teasing the hooded hallowed bud
of your delicious hardening clit
as your anxious breath escaped
in quietly toned gasps of pleasure.

When words fail, my beautiful love,
this is how I express my adoration
for you.

Salt Lake City 30 May 2022

Image by “press 👍 and ⭐” from Pixabay

Let Me Adore You

These imagined kisses are not enough, my love,
not nearly enough to quell the daunting clamor
of this heart, this flesh, this needful being
desperately longing for the warmest touch
of beloved you – these embraces effacing
the coldness of another day another night alone.

These overly wrought renditions of love meant
to further pale the complexion of shyest moon
swooning over ever slumbering Endymion.
And like Selene so deeply stirring, demuring
over the merest thought of you, fully formed
images of you that hopeful hold my heart.

This dreadful distance callously calling
words that wash over trembling timid me—
taunt me no more I cry despising this time.
Allow me rather to worship the wealth of you,
the richly rewarding moist core of you
dewy dripping your desire over my lips.

Lay before me, opening to my tongue
tracing laces down your blushing skin
as I whisper adoration across your breasts,
suckling each firm peak teasingly adored
before downward more I implore the hardening
bud of you between my worshipful lips.

Let me bury my face in the moist warmth
of you, my tongue licking longing lustfully
to taste ever deliciously you who nourishes life,
as hardened I hunger to plunge deeply within
breathing most passionate pleading prayers
across every inch of your sweetly pulsing flesh.

Speak, and allow this so ordinary yet daring man,
who strides anonymous through a world unknown,
to love you even more than words could craving say.

Salt Lake City 18 May 2022


the intent is so firm
the desire yet swelling
melting her fears
into this fluid fire

his skin pleads
to know all of her
to wrap himself
around her wholeness

his flesh caresses
ever pulsing hers
nursing the moans
from the very core of her

he kneels between her thighs
to lap at the luxurious
wet warmth of her
knowing that at this moment

all he really wants
all he really needs
is this taste
of her

feed me

The growl that emanates from your throat
is hardly one of anger, I know,

for I sense the heat rising from your skin
and feel the tremors within me,

a trembling excited by this increasing need,
this feeding frenzy of ours.

Oh, be this ever enticing precisely prowling you,
carve your desire into my bare chest,

even as your words scorch my nascent soul
with new life that others fear.

Every day I am yours, wandering the streets
sweating across the sheets

of a once barren bed, bereaved yet reborn
beyond the scorn of heedless loss.

Tease me erect, grasping your hand firmly
around me, urging my pleasure.

For this moment has been one preying intent
above all else and all other need—

that you climb over my eager hungry mouth
and, my glorious love, feed me!

pleasure beyond words

Oh, I know your words—
I read them often,
licking their delicate
sensual sounds
across my eager lips.

I know the wholly
longing composition of you
perhaps better than you
should know yourself,
for I do covet your voice.

But more than this,
I long to taste the ever
so tempting core of you
warm and wet and gifting
ecstasy to my flesh.

I lie here alone beyond
your touch as ever
but I feel you grasp
the hard length of me,
guiding me within.

And I know that pleasure
could never be more than
the slightest touch
of your lips on mine
as I move within you.


down from heaven she flows
a passionate wind she blows
boldly from the throne of god
down deep into the crisp valley
moaning over the eager trees
dancing through the leaves
of this untended garden of eden
discovering him who is uncovered
sweetly needfully kneading
the untouched limbs of man
seething, caressing, drawing forth
the hardening flesh of adam

firmly grasps she this naïve youth
and licks at the base of his shaft
deftly pumping his organ full
she guides him pulsing within
and from her lips he learns
the finally heartening truth
and from her breasts he tastes
the once unknowable ruth
and from between her thighs
he discovers the absolute
that he is more than human
for he in truth is a man