the intent is so firm
the desire yet swelling
melting her fears
into this fluid fire

his skin pleads
to know all of her
to wrap himself
around her wholeness

his flesh caresses
ever pulsing hers
nursing the moans
from the very core of her

he kneels between her thighs
to lap at the luxurious
wet warmth of her
knowing that at this moment

all he really wants
all he really needs
is this taste
of her

feed me

The growl that emanates from your throat
is hardly one of anger, I know,

for I sense the heat rising from your skin
and feel the tremors within me,

a trembling excited by this increasing need,
this feeding frenzy of ours.

Oh, be this ever enticing precisely prowling you,
carve your desire into my bare chest,

even as your words scorch my nascent soul
with new life that others fear.

Every day I am yours, wandering the streets
sweating across the sheets

of a once barren bed, bereaved yet reborn
beyond the scorn of heedless loss.

Tease me erect, grasping your hand firmly
around me, urging my pleasure.

For this moment has been one preying intent
above all else and all other need—

that you climb over my eager hungry mouth
and, my glorious love, feed me!

pleasure beyond words

Oh, I know your words—
I read them often,
licking their delicate
sensual sounds
across my eager lips.

I know the wholly
longing composition of you
perhaps better than you
should know yourself,
for I do covet your voice.

But more than this,
I long to taste the ever
so tempting core of you
warm and wet and gifting
ecstasy to my flesh.

I lie here alone beyond
your touch as ever
but I feel you grasp
the hard length of me,
guiding me within.

And I know that pleasure
could never be more than
the slightest touch
of your lips on mine
as I move within you.

I Am Yours

These imagined embraces are not enough, my one,
these overly wrought renditions of love meant
to further pale the complexion of shyest moon.

This dreadfully distant clamoring calling
words washing over most hopeful insensate me—
tease me no more I cry despising this time.

Allow me rather to worship the treasure of you.
Your mouth yet dripping with finest folly
the words that wound my beggar’s soul.

Give me your lips listless and lisping sweet,
my tongue tracing laces down your skin
as I whisper adoration across your breasts,

until I fall to my knees before most glorious you,
zealously revering my fully fleshsome goddess
who beckons my needful lips between her legs.

I bury my face in the moist warm wonder of you,
my tongue licking deeply longing lustfully to
taste ever delicious you who nourishes my soul.

Hardened I hunger for you, purposeful plunging within
breathing most passionate prayers for our eternity.
For you who willing masters, sinfully overpowering me.

So that I, this so very ordinary though daring man
who strides anonymously through this world unknown,
may yet love you even more than words could craving say.


down from heaven she flows
a passionate wind she blows
boldly from the throne of god
down deep into the crisp valley
moaning over the eager trees
dancing through the leaves
of this untended garden of eden
discovering him who is uncovered
sweetly needfully kneading
the untouched limbs of man
seething, caressing, drawing forth
the hardening flesh of adam

firmly grasps she this naïve youth
and licks at the base of his shaft
deftly pumping his organ full
she guides him pulsing within
and from her lips he learns
the finally heartening truth
and from her breasts he tastes
the once unknowable ruth
and from between her thighs
he discovers the absolute
that he is more than human
for he in truth is a man