2007 Election in Turkey

I am in mourning for my nation.  No, not this one.  As I see it, any country that would elect a man like George Bush twice pretty well deserves whatever misery he brings it.  But Türkiye.  My beloved Türkiye, what were you thinking?  Do you want to step back in time?  Do you want to erase all the reforms that the Father and his companions gave their lives to achieve?  Do you want to be the next Iran?  The last time I was in Turkey during an election, Refah won around 20% of the vote, and I could console myself with the thought that this was far, far from a majority of the Turkish people.  But today?  You will receive praise from Islamist governments and aspiring Islamist parties around the world, Türkiye.  May that praise be enough to sustain you, because you have lost any praise, any respect I and many, many others once felt for you.  Atatürk, neredeysin?  Sensiz vatanın kendini kaybediyor.  Yol gösterdin bize, fakat yola bakmıyoruz.  Kör olduk.