Photos from Efes, Türkiye

Just finished scanning some old photos of Efes (Ephesos) from 1994, along with some more recent photos I took this last summer of 2010. Ancient Efes is such a fantastic site to visit. Which does rather tend to make it one of the more crowded sites as well. On a hot summer day, that can matter.

When I went back there this last August, we arrived just before closing time, which allowed for a lot more elbow room while exploring the site. Nice. It also changed quite a bit the lighting and therefore the colors of my photos. Very interesting experience. Fortunately, my home is only about an hour and a half drive away from Efes, so I look forward to another visit in the near future. … Unless of course I become distracted by all the other many sites I have yet to visit. God, I love Turkey!

Just click on the photo to see the album.