bòidhchead (“beauty”)

yours is the spirit of spring
that never fails to come

yours is the breath of life
singing the soil to grow

yours is the voice of the trees
whispering peace to the sun

yours is the strength of stones
washed by the purest snow

yours is the truth of May
blessing this verdant earth

yours is the vision of Fall
perceiving these seeds abed

yours is the hope of being
inviting souls to birth

yours is the path of the future
and journeys joyfully led

Salt Lake City 18 Jan 2013



mystery evokes the patterns of trees
enchanting the sun with their prayer
reverent and keen these spires of green
deeply enthroned with such rooted care

grasping at soil and stones and time
while dreaming of heaven’s high vault
verdantly dancing on breezes and vines
through canopies lustrously wrought

tenderly touching her fingers exploring
gently caressing their too worried flesh
the earth heaves sighs like leaves adoring
in voices redeeming this world to be blessed

Salinas 20 Dec 2012


breathe and be uplifted
floating on sighs ascending
from these fertile fields
pulsing momentous vitality
invigorating the very soil
upon which you smiling stroll
toes tapping sunned stones
breezes sweetly kissing
the flush of you grinning
your twining tresses twirling
swirling so wildly across
your redly ever eager lips
parting just so, just so
as you breathe the beats
of my needful heart
breathe the eternal spirit
of this lushly longing you

Salt Lake City 27 Dec 2012