Am I Drinking Enough

another room, another bed
another wound to tend
as life clinging claims
more attention than ever
and my thoughts fall
back to moments of peace
however misguided the effort
however foolish the pungent
potion I had to down
in order to reach that
particular path to a much
needed silence

[Honestly, awaking this morning in an odd mood, I only wanted to share this song from one of my favorite bands, but it felt a bit impersonal without at least penning a verse to go with it. So, here is Mad Dog McRea.]

it is not the drinks that matter

it is not the drinks that matter
not the sinful sips of hearty spirits
smoothly washing down down
coating my soul with laughter

not the sweetly nibbling bite
of Caribbean rum twirling
in candlelight with raspberry liqueur
and languidly painted smiles

not the warming caress
of tequila tickling my tongue
with tartly eager lime and
time enough for breasts bared

not a quiet shot of vodka or two
befriending bitter grapefruit
while a hint of peach jealously
chases after them both

no, it is not the drinks that matter
in the end
but how easily they seduce me
away from me

Ages ago somewhere in Turkey

one more glass

stands untouched
upon the mantle bare
the flavor passed
the moment gone

recalling such joys
i’d never thought
to have known at all but
for my beloved you

you reach behind
and stroke my neck
and let the touch
of love beguile me

your fingers adept
caress my deepest
soul with hope intent
on one more kiss

and so before you go
a saddening smile
across your lips
bespeak but to me

this simple oath
that before this time
of mine be done
we two shall share

in gentle warmth
and keenest bliss
a loving embrace
and one more glass


Laya and George enjoying a literary pub tour in Edinburgh