affirmed in you

I have discovered so much in you,
have been discovered by you in ways
that my days have never known
as my spirit soars enraptured.

Within most ardent dreams
a joyful song we now compose
of me and you perpetually
prizing sighs so keenly felt.

I delight in the sweet melody
of your flesh, your breasts,
hungrily submitting myself
to your avid enchanting touch.

Come breath with me sultry
as my hands your legs part and
my tongue your essence tastes,
lapping at your hidden warmth.

Your voice vivid purring prays
my flesh impatient and firm
to channel your pulsing rhythms
implanting impassioned me into you.

The wetness of your moans chants
me whole as soulful and swelling
melding I with your rising and falling
my hands your hips sweating seize,

to please your darkened fervent lips
while whispering red across your
luminous skin solicitous I tremble
teasing acquisitive your longing.

Boldly do I stare into your eyes
exploring the depths of your pleasure,
imploring your heart so expressive
to envision enflamed this union.

In loving you
am I inspired beyond words.
In loving you
am I quite endlessly affirmed.

Salt Lake City 06 June 2022

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

caterpillar dreams

Beyond the hills
and the shifting sheep
that frolic across
the distant horizon
bleating blissful tunes,

caterpillar dreams
race my imagination
till they come to rest
at last in a winsome
cocoon of starlight.

And there, O Queen
of tree lined journeys
and gentlest lilacs,
is where you may find me
ever waiting for you.

Watching the sun set over Keswick, England (May 2015)

[After a kind response from David (ben Alexander), I felt compelled to look around and see where I had gotten the title “caterpillar dreams” from. It’s funny how often I am–even without knowing so–influenced by the beautiful expressions of poets, writers, singers. I Googled “caterpillar dreams” and discovered where I had gotten that from: an absolute treasure of Scottish music, Dougie Maclean. I love his music, and in his gentle piece “Singing Land” he uses the phrase “caterpillar dreaming.” I’m sure that had been percolating in my head for sometime. So thank you, Dougie Maclean for all of your inspiration.]