Divane Aşık Gibi

Quite some time ago, a group of musicians got together to share some rather traditional pieces of Turkish music, the kind of pieces that have been played and sung and reinterpreted by a great number of artists over the years. But there was a twist to how these musicians handled their interpretation. They were spread out across the country, bringing together not only a diversity of locations and voices, but styles and intruments that had never been used to play these pieces. Their most recent work has included musicians in several countries — seems the movement is growing.

I have shared this music before. So why do it again? Well, it’s not just that I enjoy this particular piece, but that I truly enjoy the diversity of voices and sounds. Worth sharing, I think. Worth encouraging when many voices come together in such a creative act. This is a video of the first of (currently) four works, published under the title of Doğa İçin Çal (Play for Nature). This piece is called Divane Aşık Gibi.


Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım, by Doğa İçin Çal

And here is the second video I referred to in my last post from Doğa İçin Çal (“Play for Nature”) – Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım (“I am on a Long and Narrow Road”). Like Divane Aşık Gibi, this is a traditional song which has been played and sung by a great variety of artists, from the wonderful aşık, poet, minstrel, master of the saz and the söz, Aşık Veysel, to the ever popular Tarkan. And once again, Doğa İçin Çal brings together a diversity of voices and instruments across the country to inject a modern beauty to the work.